How Do I Make The Most Out Of My PERQ Customer Database?

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Meet Rob. Rob has been a successful salesman at ABC Motors for over 6 years and he’s managed many consumer databases over the course of his career. This month, however, his dealership has decided to give PERQ a go — which, as you know, is a platform that engages with consumers in order to obtain buyer information and increase sales. Rob is aware that PERQ is a powerful tool, but he doesn’t quite know how to take full advantage of the platform’s collected wealth of information.


Through the duration of their event sale, tons of information is being collected. But what information should Rob really be focusing on when he follows up with prospective buyers? There are no right or wrong answers as certain information is only vital if it happens to correlate with Rob’s personal goals. Let’s go ahead and try to help Rob navigate FATWIN’s consumer database so he can truly reap the benefits of the platform:

Who Should Rob Be Targeting?

Generally, you don’t want to reach out to just any prospective buyer in your database. It’s considered a sloppy practice and you waste a lot of precious time on folks who probably aren’t interested in buying right then and there. Rob has never been one to just “target random people,” but his approach may have been a little looser since he’s often spoken to everyone who planned on buying a car within the next 6 months. Not a bad thing, by any means — but with PERQ, Rob has the opportunity to really focus on a specific demographic.


Using filters in the “Leads Report” (PERQ’s consumer database), Rob might look for folks who used one of his dealership’s kiosks (meaning they actually visited the store) and who previously purchased a vehicle with a competitor. Once Rob has segmented his database, he can then approach them in a manner that satisfies the consumer’s needs efficiently.

How Should Rob Approach Outreach & Follow-Up?

Just as I said about database segmentation, there’s also no right or wrong way to approach a potential buyer. However, given the consumer type Rob is trying to target, there are some ideal ways of reaching out to them. So, let’s take another look at the buyers Rob has decided to target. Rob has filtered his “Leads Report” to only show kiosk users who previously purchased a vehicle from another dealership. This naturally presents itself with a plethora of questions like: What brought them to our dealership? Do they want to purchase a make/model of vehicle other than the one they own? Was there anything about the previous dealership that turned them away? The list goes on. If Rob’s smart (and he’s VERY smart), he’ll jot these questions down and use them as the framework for his sales pitch — whether it be through e-mail, phone or in-person.


Generally, the more personalized your approach is, the more successful the outcome. The reason PERQ’s consumer database is so powerful is because you’re given the tools and resources to make your approach as personal as possible.


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