A Look Ahead – 2014’s Best and Most Unique Tech Conferences: CRAZE

By: Felicia Savage


As we kick off 2014, we wanted to take a quick look at what lies ahead in the world of marketing technology conferences. One conference that stood out to me is the CRAZE Conference in New York City. CRAZE is a digital ad agency that focuses on youth markets, making this one of the more unique conferences happening in the marketing tech world this year. While the material will be youth-centric, I think that any consumer facing brand could still learn a ton from the lineup.

CRAZE Conference is designed to help you grow your business or organization by bringing together some of the world’s best social media gurus and marking experts. The focus of the conference will be social media and the continuously changing role that it plays in business strategy and in the business world. The conference’s website urges everyone to come out. It doesn’t matter if you are running or working for “a small business, summer camp, an after-school program, ad agency or consulting firm” you will enjoy and learn from the many keynote speakers that are going to be sharing their experiences. There will also be plenty of time for networking.

The Speakers at CRAZE

The speakers at CRAZE Conference are second to none in expertise and experience. The first keynote speaker, Adam Braun, CEO of Pencils of Promise, will be giving a presentation on what he calls his “For Purpose” approach to blending nonprofits and for-profit businesses, and Porter Gale, entrepreneur and social media expert, will be talking about her experiences in advertising, marketing, and independent filmmaking. In addition to the keynote speakers there will also be presentations from Marty Ringlein, Jonathan Wolske, Ben Hindman, Farah Sheikh, Jared Matthew Weiss, Scott Rosenbluth, Mark Fine, Jonathan Smiley, Kurt Wagner, Ryan Jenkins, Todd Radom, and Chris Lucas. The conference will start at 10 a.m. and end around 5 p.m. with lunch being provided by Panera bread.

CRAZE is a great way to get your year started. The conference is only one day so you won’t be taking too many days out of your week, and the skills and experiences you will gain will pay for the cost of the ticket. I’d advise anyone interested in emerging marketing technology to give it a look.

For more information about the conference, or to join in on the conversation about the conference, check out CRAZE’s twitter account.