Introducing FATWIN, the Advertising Solution for Everyone

6 min read

Imagine if you could conveniently host a local promotion to find, capture, and track online leads for your publication and your advertisers on one easy-to-use platform?


Well now you can, with FATWIN.


We already know how the FATWIN solution can help dealers, but let’s change gears and look at how FATWIN is relevant for ALL of our clients, particularly publications. FATWIN is our consumer engagement technology that allows you to run engaging consumer promotions while gathering valuable data from those consumers.


More importantly, FATWIN gives you the opportunity to stand out in your market. How can a FATWIN campaign help your publication? Take a look!

Attract New Consumers in Your Area & Engage Current Ones

Drive qualified traffic to your website or advertisers’ stores by engaging them with a cohesive, multi-channel FATWIN campaign. Because FATWITN is a prize-giving promotion, you can easily incentivize consumers to sign up on your microsite, where you’ll be able to collect and reuse their contact information. You can contribute your own prizes, or you can encourage your advertisers to join in and experience added brand recognition, more consumers shopping in their stores, and new leads in their database.

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Consumer Base

You may think you have an understanding of your local target market, but unless you’ve taken the time to ask the right questions your understanding is limited. FATWIN can help. With the ability to customize your own polling questions on the microsite, data can be collected for both you and your advertisers. For example, you could ask, “Are you a current subscriber to the newspaper” and those who answer “No” could be sent a special offer encouraging them to subscribe.

Track Which of Your Advertising Channels are Most Successful

Determining where your leads and consumers come from is crucial to the success of your campaigns and remarketing efforts. FATWIN conveniently gives you the ability to attach to and measure all forms of your advertising, including ROP ads, web ads, and direct mail. Why is this convenient to you? Advertising expenses can add up, and if you’re able to see what advertising channels are most effective in driving response, then you can focus your money and efforts on channels that work best for you.

Create a Robust Leads List for Remarketing

Through the use of the microsite registration and customized polling questions, you can not only generate your own leads for remarketing, but you can also segment that list based on gathered data. If you ask if a consumer is signed up for your mobile app and 50% say they aren’t, you can easily re-promote your app with an exclusive coupon page to boost your own marketing, awareness, and trustworthiness.

After your first FATWIN promotion, you’ll have new leads to work, a wider brand reach, and more data to leverage.


Want to learn more about FATWIN’s ability to integrate with publications? Give a PERQ rep a call or visit for a live demo of FATWIN in action.