Interruption is Over: Why You Should Ditch Advertising for Cohesive Marketing

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No one cares about your dumb commercial.

Is that a harsh reality to face? If so, you’re going to have a rough couple decades.

Advertising has been the status quo for marketers for the better part of the past century, but the Internet has taken that idea and turned it on its head. Where TV viewers or radio listeners used to be forced to hear your message, whether they like it or not, today’s consumers are fast forwarding, muting, and – what’s most terrifying – actively resenting your advertising. Go ahead and saturate your market. Feel free to throw a 5 second pre-roll onto every YouTube video in a given category, then watch in disdain as consumers flock away from your brand.

Today’s consumer doesn’t want to be sold, they want to be courted. As marketers, we have more tools than ever to make this happen, but many marketers are making the mistake of relying on old-school tactics to attack new-school problems. If you really want to know the problem, it’s this: In the 21st century, “advertising campaigns” are for losers, cohesive marketing campaigns are for winners. Here’s why:

Advertising is too Aggressive

You know the reason no one cares about your commercial? It’s probably because it’s too aggressive. Are you blasting a strong call-to-action like “Get yours today!” or “Event ends soon!” to a bunch of strangers?  I don’t care if you’ve narrowed down a target market that you think is interested in you, if you’re blasting your message out via traditional or even emerging channels and leading with an aggressive call to action, you’re probably scaring more people away than you think.

Let me put it to you this way… I don’t care what the product is, if the first time you’re introduced to it is in a sales pitch, it’s going to sound like a gimmick at best and a scam at worst. Unless the world already knows your name (and they probably don’t) any sort of salesmanship on the first touch is going to make your product look like this:

Instead of going the traditional route of trying to sell too early, trust that you’re going to see customers again. By running a cohesive marketing campaign across all channels, you can afford yourself the time to be informative and entertaining, rather than sales-y, meaning you can generate a more lasting impression with your market.

Cohesive Marketing Lets Consumers Come to You

Turn On, Zone In, Tune Out

This is the mantra of the average consumer today. Sure, they’re online or watching TV, but they’re completely tuning out your advertising. The era where you could realistically interrupt other people’s audience to share your message is over. One fundamental aspect of effective cohesive marketing campaigns, however, is inbound content. By creating strong inbound content and making sure all advertising and promotion you do matches this content, you create a fluid customer journey that helps more buyers find your brand.

Advertising is Usually Lazy

Let’s be honest, spray and pray is lazy. If you’re advertising in a traditional sense, you probably craft the message once and send it out. This is too lazy for today’s consumer. If you’re targeting tech-savvy consumers, especially millennials, they won’t accept your “billboard” as fact, even if they come in the form of a Facebook ad. Marketing is about a lot more than advertising. Ditch the spray-and-pray methods of old and embrace real time data and adjustments. This can come in the form of social ads, banner ads, or even blog and video content.

Cohesive Marketing Leverages Advertising the Way it’s Meant to Be Used

It’s no longer about spreading a message, it’s about telling a story. That’s what advertising was designed to do from the onset, and that’s not changing. The only thing that’s changing is how we tell your story.

By doing the hard work of creating great, compelling content and measuring your results at every turn, you can put advertising on the shelf and leverage cohesive marketing to build your brand instead.

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