A Retrospective Look From a Past Intern

By: Felipe Jaramillo

I recently had the privilege of interning at PERQ for six weeks. In this brief—yet eye opening—month and a half, I immersed myself in the Marketing and Product Development Team and got first hand insight into what working for a “marketing technology” company means. This post is not meant to be a comprehensive laundry list of things I learned; hopefully this post encapsulates a lesson or two I learned working at PERQ.

“Your company’s culture and your company’s brand are really just two sides of the same coin” –Tony Hseih, CEO of Zappos


I promise this won’t be a post solely (no, that wasn’t a Zappos pun) about PERQ’s culture. While incredibly important, PERQ’s description and video gives you a good glimpse of their culture. Where I think PERQ really differentiates themselves from any other marketing agency with a ping-pong table is in one simple truth: the experience they sell their consumers is consistent with the one found in their office.


Let me clarify. If I were to perform the same competitive analysis on PERQ that I performed on other companies during my internship, I would note how results driven their “pitch” on their website is. PERQ’s website claims to have figured out the science that gives them the capability to “generate, track, and convert both web and in-store traffic into sales.” Their approach to marketing is “interactive and incentivized”. Their services not only cover direct mailing essentials but also contests, games, and interactive technology designed to ultimately boost sales. But a cursory glance at other agencies’ website would reveal that these characteristics could be found elsewhere.


PERQ officeThe difference, in my opinion, lies in PERQ’s consistency along its outward facing “brand” and their inward facing “culture”. The concurrency between the two means working with PERQ assures an experience that has been intentionally crafted; from the foundations of the processes, the development of the products, the meetings with account representatives and the direction and guidance of the leadership team, the convergence of the contributions of each individual member of PERQ’s team that manifests itself as the customer’s experience, is incredibly intentional and designed so that the customer wins—and in turn—PERQ wins as well.



Just to make sure that all of this true, each team has different metrics with clear goals and expectations to ensure transparency and accountability across the company. At the core of a great culture lie metrics to ensure success—and I’m talking about success as PERQ defines it. The end result? A motivated team working toward the mutual incentives in place and a satisfied consumer base that can count of the consistency of a company that prides itself in their culture and, consequently, their brand. Win-Win.