The Best Technology solution for Multifamily Lead Management

Stay top-of-mind and keep far out rental prospects engaged until they are ready to move.

Work less, connect more with personalized conversations

Follow-Up Assistant is just like having a member of your Leasing Team on call 24/7.
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Conversation Starter Emails

40% of leads are 90 days from move-in. Automatically follow-up with prospects further out in the leasing process.

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Branded Property Emails

Stand out from the crowd. Polished branded emails keep your property top of mind and drives prospects back to your website to schedule a tour.

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Text Message Follow Up

Many renters prefer text messaging. Let us help you reach more prospects, without adding to your team’s to-do list.

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SMS Opt-In

Texting tools are only great if you can actually use them. PERQ gathers SMS-opt in on the website so you don’t have to.
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Easy to Implement

You won’t have to wait months to go live. Our solution is turn-key, if you want it to be.

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The Right Content

PERQ Bot knows not to ask for the same info twice. When following up with prospects, your Assistant reviews the info already collected to determine the best message to send.

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At the Right Time

Your Assistant works smarter, not harder. PERQ Bot knows when to send more messages and when to pull back for optimal response.

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Sent in your brand voice

Follow-up that feels real. Configure content to reflect your brand’s voice.

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Real-time Reporting

Interested in one property’s performance? Or want to see them all? Access roll-up reports anytime you’d like.

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Dedicated Client Success Support

Our experienced team is passionate about supporting your success from the leasing office to executives.

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Transparent Hand-off

Chats, emails, and digital guest card info – you see it all. PERQ Bot collects all of that and more with every lead sent to your CRM.

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Extra Help for Your Team

Ask your AI Leasing Assistant for an extra hand for when you’re short-staffed or to turn up the volume when you have units to fill for easier multifamily lead management.


Why people love PERQ

Don’t take our word for it. People across the country absolutely love how PERQ makes their lives easier and simpler.

“Before we had to rely on phone calls and emails to get the appointment, which often required a bit of back and forth. Having an online tour scheduling solution allows us to rearrange our schedules to make it work for the prospect so we’re starting the relationship efficiently and we are seeing great results from it.”
Katrina Greene

Senior Property Manager, Sheehan Properties

I love how PERQ is able to serve up relevant content and engage the user to share more information about their wants and needs. It allows us to personalize our conversations and create a stronger customer journey.

Lynnette H.

National Marketing Director

We appreciate the lead nurturing aspect of PERQ so that our properties remain top-of-mind for prospects looking several weeks, or months, in advance of making a move. It’s really saving our team hours of work.

Sarah Roberts

Marketing Director

Want to know what renters really want?

We have the answer by analyzing more than 6 million consumer responses from our technology on multifamily property websites. Take a look inside to learn more!

Multifamily Field Guide Volume 2

PERQ Integrates Easily with Your Favorite Multifamily Industry Tools

To provide the ultimate competitive advantage to our customers, we focus heavily on playing well in the sandbox by integrating with technology solutions like website providers, CRMs, and single-point tools. Don’t see the tool you are looking to integrate with? Give us a shout, We are adding new integrations every day.

One easy solution, customized for you.

Start with an AI Leasing Assistant on your website. Add additional support where needed. That’s it!

Questions Frequently Asked about Follow-up Assistant

What does the follow-up assistant do?

The Follow-Up Assistant knows the right time and the right information needed to follow-up with prospects over email and text message – if the prospect has opt-ed in. All the messaging is branded to your property for a more polished look and the messaging is configured to fit your brand’s voice – making it more personable to your property.

The best part? All of your follow-up texts and emails are connected and tracked out of the same system, so you can have confidence that prospects are receiving exactly what they need and nothing extra. The Follow-Up Assistant makes it easier and more efficient for intelligent lead management.

How long does implementation take?

The Follow-Up Assistant is turn-key. Some solutions out in the market take many months to get up and running. Others are completely turn-key, but offer limited customizations. At PERQ, we offer you something in the middle. For customers that want to get going right away, our turn-key solution gets you up and moving fast – without sacrificing your brand. Want to take a more customized approach? Our team is equipped to help make messaging changes that won’t sacrifice performance.

Does the Follow-up Assistant have Text messaging capabilities?

Yes! The Follow-Up Assistant can send both emails and text messages. Properties can choose to turn on texting or only send emails. Don’t worry – we only send text message follow-up to prospects that have opted-in! 

Does the Follow-up assistant send messages that read like a computer wrote them?

No, the Follow-Up Assistant’s messaging is natural and written in your property’s brand voice.  It’ll feel like it came from an actual human who works there, but we’re always up front about it being a Bot! 

Can i customize the messages sent from the Follow-up Assistant?

Yes, it’s follow-up that feels real. The emails are branded and your Client Success Manager will help you ensure all the messaging is written to fit your brand’s voice.

Can I control the amount of leads that get sent to the leasing team?

Yes! Your AI Assistant is here to help your team save the most time and reach your goals for easier multifamily lead management and dynamic lead solutions. For leasing offices that are down to a skeleton crew, PERQ Bot can manage prospects all the way until they’re ready to tour. If you’re in lease-up, training a new teammate, have unexpected vacancies, or are just ready to take on more leads, we can turn the volume back up at any time.

Don’t see your question answered? Not sure if this is the right dynamic lead solution for you? Let’s chat it out and see if Follow-Up Assistant is a good fit.