Increase your leasing agent close rates with meaningful first impressions for your prospects with detailed guest card info


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Purpose-Built to Make Life Easier For Your Onsite Team

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Automate Follow-up

PERQ Bot can help you save up to 12 hours per week by reaching out and starting conversations with leads, answering FAQs, and scheduling tours. As a result, you’ll see more qualified leads and tours, without all the distractions.
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Answer FAQs 24/7

PERQ Bot naturally responds and answers prospect questions 24/7 – so you can focus on the prospects who are ready to talk, schedule a tour, and lease.
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Schedule Qualified Tours

Increase lead-to-tour conversion by 40% with automated follow-up and PERQ’s industry leading tour scheduler.
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Get Better Prospect Info

PERQ Bot works to gather as much data from the prospect as possible, before they hit your CRM. And we’re not just talking about a full name and email. PERQ leads include helpful information such as rental timelines, top priorities and contact preferences.

Onsite teams and PERQ: a Match made to win

The reviews are in. Together, Onsite Teams backed by PERQ save time, easily stay in front of leads, and schedule more tours.

PERQ has allowed our prospects and residents to feel heard and engaged from the moment they arrive at our website. Their processes have really streamlined the way we communicate with people. We’re able to come into new conversations more informed, which allows us to better address specific questions and concerns.
Sean Keller

Property Manager, Covington By The Lake

PERQ has been instrumental in helping us secure quality residents. In a world that requires immediate gratification, PERQ allows our leads and residents to gain extensive information about our property, quickly.
Virgina Kull

Property Manager, Highview Pointe

PERQ has supported The Fitzgerald team by making the apartment search process so much easier for prospects and our team. PERQ gets down to the exact floor plan that will interest a prospect, which makes it easy for them, while also making it easy for us to create that sense of home and sanctuary from the very first call.
The Fitzgerald at UB Midtown

We’ve seen more tour requests and qualified leads with PERQ

It can be a struggle for onsite teams to keep up with timely and consistent follow-up for every single lead. During busy leasing seasons, marketing efforts are at a high and it gives the leasing team more leads to filter through. PERQ tracks better and more detailed data in your CRM’s guest card and allows for prospects to request a tour without having to call in. At Karric Place of Dublin, Assistant Property Manager, Cecilia Smoyer says “I think people like to go in and do things on their own, so when they can press request a tour, we’ve actually seen a lot more of those requests come in.”


Cecilia continues, “PERQ has saved us a lot of time especially because those leads have the details of what specials we’re offering, when they want to move, what style of apartment they’re looking for…it saves us a lot of time so we don’t have to figure out everything on our own because they’ve already submitted all the details. It makes it easier for us and speeds the process up.” 


PERQ stays in front of leads so leasing teams can work more efficiently and prospects don’t feel left behind. Lead to lease conversion rates increase with leads from PERQ.

Favorite Features:

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Request a Tour

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Prospect Data

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Need multifamily marketing ideas to increase lead conversion?

Expert tips for Multifamily Companies and Onsite Teams to amp up your marketing efforts. 

Multifamily Marketing Ideas PDF from PERQ

Questions Frequently Asked by Onsite Teams

I get the AI Leasing Assistant solution is helpful to me, but does it really help my rental prospects?

Yes! the AI Leasing Assistant has experiences for prospects at every stage of their rental journey. Whether they’re looking to leas in 6 months or 6 days, the AI Leasing Assistant helps rental prospects find the answers they are looking for faster, more efficiently, and 24/7 increasing your lead to opportunity conversion rate.

Can the AI Leasing Assistant text prospects and do prospects like being texted?

YES! Prospects LOVE text messaging. Just think about how often everyone is on their phones these days.

What hours can the AI Leasing Assistant chat with prospects?

24/7 & after hours too. With the AI chatbot, rental prospects aren’t frustrated by an answering machine and you’re booking tours in your sleep.

How do I know PERQ is answering questions with the most up-to-date information?

During set-up, we train the AI Leasing Assistant to becoming an expert on your property and all it has to offer. Our integrations with all of the major PMS and CRM systems allow the Assistant to pull up pricing and availability and available tour times that are updated to the hour. Which means no one can book a tour on a Holiday or when you just need a little “me time”.

What happens when PERQ doesn't know the answer to a prospect's question?

Our team is constantly monitoring the questions your rental prospects ask and use artificial intelligence to make the PERQ Bot smarter every day. If the Assistant ever can’t answer a question, the prospect is connected to your team right away – we don’t play around.

When I receive a lead in my system, do I have access to the chat transcripts and emails sent by the AI Leasing Assistant?

Absolutely! As the newest member of your team, you need to have eye’s on what the AI chatbot is doing. We get it, so with every lead, a lead link is sent that includes a complete view to the prospect’s interactions with the AI Leasing Assistant. It also includes valuable prospect data such as move-in timeframe, floorplans of interest and budget sent directly to your PMS or CRM.

How does PERQ make me look good to my boss?

With PERQ, you can increase the volume of property tours while maximizing the team’s effectiveness by automating routine questions and lead follow-up activities. In short, you can tell your boss that PERQ brings “operational efficiency and profitability” and helps increase leasing consultant close rates and give them a better close rate formula to go off of. You’ll be the multifamily marketing hero.

My team is overwhelmed and this looks like it could help them. How do I get my boss interested?

There are a lot of AI leasing agent technology choices out there. But, four words. “operational efficiency and profitability” or put another way, “save time and money.”

PERQ increases the volume of property tours while maximizing your team’s effectiveness by automating routine questions and lead follow-up activities increasing leasing agent close rates and taking over some of the leasing agent daily duties that take up time. It also allows you to optimize your marketing tech budget by being an all-in-one option instead of struggling to align a collect of one-off, point solutions.

Don’t see your question answered? Not sure if this is right for you? Let’s chat it out and see if PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant is a good fit.

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