How Can the FATWIN Solution Help Your Dealership?

By: Felicia Savage

fatwin solutionYour dealership’s top priority is to sell cars. That’s pretty obvious, right? There are a number of ways to get the message out – event sales, direct mail, social media, word-of-mouth – but what happens if certain customers are ignoring your message? FATWIN can help to combat this issue!


In case you’re unfamiliar, FATWIN is a platform that uses in-store kiosks or online microsites to incentivize consumers into visiting your dealership by offering the chance to win cool prizes and the opportunity to play fun games and get awesome offers. More importantly, FATWIN helps your dealership stand out from your competition. So, how can the FATWIN solution help your dealership?


Attract New Customers in Your Area

If you’re like most auto lots, there’s a good chance that dealerships in the general area have very similar, if not the same inventory as yours. They might even have some of the same deals. So, the question remaining is “How do I get my dealership to stand out?” As mentioned, FATWIN offers consumers opportunities to win cool prizes or enter contests. Most dealerships don’t have these kinds of incentives, so it’s easy to make this your main “selling point.” Instead of going to Dealership A, they’re likely going to visit you because you’re offering them a $50 gift card for test-driving a car. To sum it up, people like free stuff and they certainly love a chance to win free stuff.


Aside from standing out from other dealerships, FATWIN also offers the chance to attract specific audiences. Because FATWIN is a technological platform, you’ll likely attract younger folks who know their way around a computer, or folks who are obsessed with games and contests.


Gain a Better Understanding of Consumer Base


Like most businesses, it can sometimes be difficult to gain a thorough understanding of who your consumers actually are. You might think you have an understanding of your target market, but unless you’ve taken the time to ask the right questions and look at past purchasing data, your understanding is limited to casual observations. With FATWIN, you can gather this type of information directly from the consumer via kiosks or online microsites.


Let’s say you set up an in-store kiosk for consumers who want to sign up for coupons. Along with collecting their name, address and phone number, you now have the chance to ask important questions like: “Are you currently in the market to buy a car?” “What kind of car are you driving now? Or “What’s your budget?” Not only does this give you an understanding of what they might be looking for, but these answers are what make up your customer database. In the database, you can track whether they’re a new customer or not; if they’ve ever visited other dealerships and if they’ve scheduled an appointment. You can even track where or how they discovered the promotion.


Track What Advertising Mediums Are Most Successful


Determining where your consumers came from is crucial to the success of your campaign. Why? Advertising can get quite expensive, so wasting precious dollars on ads that aren’t performing well doesn’t make much sense. If you find that social media ads are performing better than, let’s say, television or radio, your best bet is to throw more money into the more successful platforms; and maybe drop the low-performing platforms for the time being.


Additionally, certain marketing channels can correlate with certain buying or communication behaviors. For example: You might find that consumers that sign up after watching a television ad are looking for an older but reliable vehicle. Or, you might find consumers who discovered you via direct mail don’t want to buy a car immediately, but somewhere in the next year. Not only will this help you gauge future advertising budget, but this can help with messaging for specific demographics.


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