How Can PERQ’s $25K Sweepstakes Help Your Dealership?

By: Felicia Savage

Stephen Nosek meeting FATWIN’s Stephanie Thompson for the first time!

Last week, we detailed some of the cool ways running a giveaway or sweepstakes can enhance your dealership’s current promotion efforts. Sweepstakes and giveaways attached to promotions can help you differentiate yourself from the competition, attract more buyers into your showroom and create social buzz within your community. In a nutshell, sweepstakes and giveaways can do a lot! Now, what if we told you that running a $25K sweepstakes with PERQ can give you those benefits and much more! Here are 4 ways PERQ’s $25K sweepstakes can help your dealership:

Build a Stronger Customer Database


Like every other promotion you run with PERQ, the $25K Sweepstakes leverages the power of FATWIN; which happens to possess a comprehensive consumer database. And since a valid e-mail address is required to enter the sweepstakes, you have the opportunity to build an exceptionally strong database. When consumers fill out their information at the in-store kiosk, they’re asked a few relevant questions about their purchasing timeline, the make and model of their current vehicle and their desired vehicle. Not only does this often mean a larger consumer database, but also a diverse one that can be filtered through for qualified leads. The best part, of course, is that your dealership automatically owns all of the generated leads.

More In-Store Consumers


Technically, this is a point that’s already been made; but with our $25K promotions, it’s a little different. Like being required to enter valid information for the sweepstakes, patrons that want to enter the $25K sweepstakes at YOUR dealership, have to do so in-person at your dealership. Consumers might qualify for other misc. prizes when filling their information out on a mobile microsite, but they won’t be entered for a chance to win the grand prize. That said, if consumers really want to enter the sweepstakes, they have no choice but to enter the showroom. Naturally, this might seem like an inconvenience to some consumers; which means you can come up with creative ways to jazz up your promotion. You can host a themed event sale that gives out free swag; and, you can elaborate that there are 4 REAL WINNERS every year — which brings us to our next point.


Four Guaranteed Winners Per Year


One of the coolest parts of PERQ’s $25K sweepstakes is that the money is awarded to 4 lucky contestants every single year. Offering more than one chance to win will incentivize consumers to come back to the dealership to enter the sweepstakes when the promotion comes back. Additionally, you’ll attract folks who didn’t initially know about the promotion, but who hear about a winner within their community. Remember our first $25K winner, Stephen Nosek? When he found out he won the grand prize, he told friends within his community who said “I’ll definitely be keeping a closer eye out on my mail from now on.” Seeing real winners within your community helps consumers get excited knowing that they have another chance to win!


Better Planning of Marketing Campaigns


Since PERQ’s $25K giveaway runs 4 times throughout the year (essentially once a quarter), the giveaway dates are planned ahead. Knowing the dates well ahead of time, gives your dealership the opportunity to better plan your marketing strategy to compliment the $25K promotion. As registration deadlines draw closer, your marketing strategies can focus on driving additional in-store traffic. Hosting fun, themed event sales, along with a stellar multi-channel campaign is one such way you can further attract qualified consumers.



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