Employee Spotlight: Justin Jasper

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We’re incredibly excited to introduce one of our newest team members, Justin Jasper — a 9 year multifamily veteran with over 12 years of software sales experience. In his first blog post, Justin discusses his role and why he’s thrilled to share our software with everyone in the multifamily industry!


My official title is Director of Sales, but the best way for me to describe what that really means is to say I am kind of like the lead singer to an up and coming band that just got the opening slot for U2.


There is already so much talent here at PERQ that I am just the voice piece to an already incredible “song” that is just about to hit the charts!

Why I Chose to Join the PERQ Team

I was looking for three qualities when I started my search for a new company to align myself with. I had become personal friends with many of my clients over the years and I wanted to offer my clients a product that they could trust.


So, the number one thing I was looking for in a new company was a quality product that could not only deliver real results, but disrupt how the multifamily industry does business. After my first call with Scott Hill (one of PERQ’s founders), I just knew that they had a niche that no one else had touched and I was thrilled at the idea of joining them.


The second was that I wanted a company with leadership that valued the person over the bottom line. When I met both Andy Medley and Scott Hill, our founders, I had never seen two people who mingled and took time to truly know their employees.


In fact, on my very first day as a PERQ team member, I was in a meeting with Scott. In my conversation with him, I attempted to refer to one of the employees, but got the name wrong — like I called someone Jason instead of Jeff. Thinking he had forgotten the “employee” I mentioned, I’m pretty sure Scott had a mini panic attack because “their company has gotten so big that he didn’t know everyone.” While we were able to actually figure out who I was talking about, the fear was clearly real. Scott cares about every single person in the company and he genuinely wants to ensure that everyone’s efforts and accomplishments are acknowledged. That, to me, was a true mark of great leadership.


The third thing I was looking for was a company that was customer centric — and that meant great customer service. I have been at companies that have had great customer service and a few more that had awful customer service.  Taking care of the customer is the number one thing we do at PERQ, and it shows in how much our clients love us.

What I LOVE About PERQ’s Software

The best thing about what we do at PERQ is what I call ‘completing the circle.’ What I mean, of course, is that you imagine all your lead capture efforts are a full circle. You can break up the circle into pieces like: Calls, email, walk-ins, ILS’s etc.



There is one part, however, that is usually never added, and that’s the website. This is due to the fact that your website is probably pretty amazing already — but it’s not doing really anything to ‘capture’ or engage prospects. It’s primarily an amazing looking and incredibly expensive online brochure.



We help complete that circle of lead capture because we do exactly that for your websites. We create calls to action that lead to personal experiences that capture your audience right where they want to be. on your website.


This is something that isn’t being done in Multifamily and it’s SO exciting to get on the ground floor of this movement.