Dovr Media

By: vvaden

I'm a little bit odd, and a lotta bit weird. attracts and converts clients with the creation of sales tools that involve experiential shopping using memorable interactive experiences to drive and generate revenue. Rebranded as BeBrilliant Marketing, these professionals have created multiple business plans to help accelerate your website presence and visibility.  If you’re interested in utilizing social media to gain traction, they have an easy all-in-one dashboard for that, too.  A unique feature that helps BeBrilliant stand out from the pack is their employee training opportunities.  This is the software and support to help rebrand your business, to help assert your sales goals, to help set achievable revenue goals, and to tailor it to your specific needs.  Also, there’s no cost until your site is up and running!  Once you go live, the service continues with marketing metrics and adjustments as well as analytics.  This is truly a one stop shop for a complete web overhaul.elend logo