Doubling Down on Digital

Doubling Down on Digital

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This has been a great year to double down on your digital marketing strategy! Muhammad Yasin, PERQ’s resident digital marketing nerd and EVP of Marketing, got to chat with Katrina Greene of Sheehan Property Management and Dalia Kalgreen of Unified Residential about all the tools they’ve been loving recently. 


Both Katrina and Dalia are multifamily marketing geniuses, who happen to both work for midsize properties.  Working for a midsized property means they are no strangers to having to juggle a lot of roles such as trainer, mentor, marketer, and even philanthropist. 

Virtual Chat: Doubling Down on Digital from PERQ on Vimeo.


Candid and vulnerable throughout, their conversation went into depth on a few different topics:


  • Personal and Professional Tools
  • Training your team with new tech
  • Measuring the value of your tech stack
  • Advice for the upcoming year


Dalia went through her process of how she figures out which digital marketing tools are adding value to her team and which are not. Once a month, she will focus on a specific region and review every touch point that leads go through as a way of checking the quality of the different softwares and tools they use at those points. She emphasized that she does this regularly for properties that need help with filling units. 


When asked about what the “formula” is to turn a prospect into a resident, Katrina acknowledged that there is none. She says, “It’s an art form….prospects are diverse so the response has to be diverse.” 


Going into the next year, Dalia highlighted that we need to be more open-minded and adaptable to change. Katrina also made a point of figuring out what your team is afraid of.  “Fear stops everyone dead in their tracks…what’s the worst that could happen?” 




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Dalia Kalgreen, Unified Residential 

Katrina Greene, Sheehan Property Management 

Muhammad Yasin, PERQ