Dominion Dealer Solutions

By: vvaden

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Improves dealers’ lives by developing advanced technologies, including reputation and social media management, responsive websites, digital advertising, SEO, SEM, multichannel marketing, custom reports, along with CRM and DMS solutions.  If you’re needing a trusted brand to help you with inventory management, then look no further.  Dominion has over 29 years of expertise and their software is primed to help you sell.  They have the capacity to help you from the ground up; photography, videography, the data to help you price competitively, window labels, inventory management, management solutions, and lots more. As things have changed in the past 18 months so has the automotive sales industry and Dominion’s software VUE DMS is one of the best at meeting the customer’s needs.  This is the dealer’s choice in sales software.  As customer expectations are constantly changing, and the never-ending evolution of technology continues, you need software that is at the forefront of data security and regulations.  Dominion is a cloud-based software company that can go with you and your business anywhere, to ensure that you’re always connected and always on top of your game. elend logo