We pride ourselves on being committed to a workplace culture where teams strive for excellence to grow the company. We’re smart in our approach, empowering each other every day to bring a game-on mentality to reach our goals, while giving back to our community.

Through our efforts, PERQ’s Marketing Cloud and software solutions are powered by artificial intelligence to help consumers online in their shopping journey for the multifamily, auto and home furnishings industries.


Our Core Values

At PERQ, we show up with a game-on attitude. We each strive to be committed to our clients, our team and our community.

Smart Growth

Commitment to our Community

Culture of Innovation

Game On

Customer Value Creation

Cultural Characteristics

We embrace a winning formula, focusing on innovation and growth. Each and every team member at PERQ embraces four characteristics:


Exuding respect, self-confidence and enthusiasm while making your teammates feel empowered.


Having perseverance and passion for long-term goals with constructs of resilience, ambition and a need for achievement.


Conveying practical know-how; being smart and thoughtful.


Being at your best when your best is required; enjoyment of a difficult challenge through determined effort and purity of intention.



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