Community, Conversation, and Communication

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A content marketing plan, whether it’s week to week or month to month, is a helpful way to strengthen your properties online presence and overall digital footprint. The strategy you and your team end up going with should be able to create three vital things that will help peak prospect interests and keep current renters happy. A content marketing plan is best when it builds:


  • Community
  • Conversation
  • Communication


All three of these go hand in hand. You can’t create a community without conversation and communication — and you also can’t have conversation without communication. 


The multifamily industry is filled with people who are naturally social and love building relationships. Multifamily properties are home to so many different people that creating a community feel helps enhance the property and the experience of renting there. When we think of “community” we usually think of home. The messaging you put out on social media or your website should give off the warm and welcoming energy of coming home.




When posting about your property on social media or creating written copy for the website or ads, it’s important to remember that prospects aren’t just potential new renters but that they also are current renters who haven’t decided on whether or not to renew their lease or move units. They’ve signed on the dotted line and fulfilling the promise of community can help current renters decide to stay with a property longer.


Your plan should have room for engagement with both prospects and renters — this includes both on social media and your website and in-person. Asking questions through polls or creating content that creates conversation is a great way to engage with the community your property has built. Lastly, your content strategy plan should allow for open and timely communication, whether it’s through automated lead nurture, follow-up phone calls, or open office hours for renters to give feedback on what could be better.


Any content marketing effort that includes a plan to create community and open conversation and communication is a great way to stand out from the competition, peak interest, and have happy residents. 


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