Blog Roundup: Your Notes From #PERQparty

By: Felicia Savage


It’s safe to say that last week’s PERQ launch with Verge was a massive success. Between the great turnout, insightful fireside chat, and the social buzz generated, we were thrilled to have played host to some of the best and brightest marketers and entrepreneurs in Indianapolis. Many of these folks were kind enough to write blog posts about our office space and culture, and for those of you who couldn’t make it, we’ve compiled just a few of them to help give you some helpful notes from #PERQparty.

How a Brand Launch Can Help Grow a Community

This post came from Verge, who put on the launch with us. It’s a fantastic rundown of the event and key lessons for entrepreneurs.

Key Takeaways

  • Put Company Culture on Display: “PERQ’s company culture is manifested on the walls of the office, and the freshly renovated building was itself a key feature of this Pitch Night.”
  • Contextualize the Company Story: “The better the context, the better the punchline.”
  • Open the Books: Click Here to learn how open book management drives success at PERQ

Workplace Culture is King

This post comes from the minimal millennial blog. This blog is a great view of life through a millennial’s eye, and it captures the essence of what we’re going for at PERQ in regards to attracting high-talent millennials.

Key Takeaways

  • PERQ’s culture is built on four pillars. “Built on the foundations of magnetism, competitive greatness, savvy and grit, experiencing the PERQ culture firsthand was enormously inspiring and made me excited for the future of Millennials in the workplace.”
  • Don’t count out the Midwest: “The employees that I met were genuinely excited to welcome the roughly 500 visitors to their space that night, and the atmosphere felt like a lively downtown art gallery on opening night (complete with local beer) and not what you’d expect it to be, being an office in central Indiana.”
  • Culture is future currency, make sure you nail it. “This shift towards a more energetic workplace lines up perfectly with the emerging trends in the Millennial group: we’re looking for balance, honesty, and excitement. We’re willing to take a risk and do something different, take the plunge into a workplace where we’d gladly sacrifice a higher paycheck for a vibrant culture.”

Thoughts on the PERQ Launch Party

Our next post comes from Steven Shattuck. His blog focuses heavily on social media and emerging marketing trends.

Key Takeaways

  • Build it, They Will Come. “It’s easy for companies, especially startups, to come right out of the gate trumpeting themselves as the next big thing without a track record for success. We see launch parties, magazine spreads and road shows for minimum viable products with few customers and even less credibility.”
  • Stay humble. “PERQ (as CIK) quietly worked for years building a business and growing to over 70 employees with little fanfare. Only after proving success in their market, having generated millions of dollars in revenue, did they ‘launch'”

In Review: PERQ Launch Party & My First Verge Pitch Night

This post from Dittoe PR, who helped put the event on, does a great job of highlighting PERQ among the burgeoning tech scene in Indianapolis.

Key Takeaways

  • Indianapolis is 9th in the Nation at creating jobs in technology.
  • The PERQ office is a conversation starter. “Resembling an office space that you might see on the West Coast or featured on a interior design blog, the unique space proved to be a great conversation starter in and of itself.”

Ain’t No Party Like a PERQ Launch Party

Another post from Erik Deckers, President of Professional Blog Service. As an active Verge member and former client of ours, Erik offered a very unique perspective.

Key Takeaways

  • The PERQ office is creating high demand for jobs: “It’s a gorgeous new space, and I kept wishing I worked there just because it looked so awesome.”
  • Which is good, because we’re hiring: “I might even be able to, because according to their press release, the company plans on hiring 30 new employees.”

Overall, it was a wonderful experience having so many influential people in one place, and I’m sure it will be happening again soon. Keep an eye on our Twitter handle, as we continue to share more blogs that have been written about our space and our awesome launch with Verge.