From B2B Client to Business Partner: How to Create Long-Term Customer Loyalty

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In the B2B world of sales, retention is king. According to business author Frederick Reichheld, a 5 percent increase in client retention equals a 75 percent jump in net customer value. This means that, as important as it is to close a sale, it’s what you do to establish the relationship AFTER the sale that makes all the difference. You have to become their business partner.


Taking prospects from “client” to “BFF” takes a little effort, but keeping your client’s needs and expectations in mind while you set out to provide them with the best services you can offer will have them coming back regularly. If you’re looking to turn your favorite return clients into your business’ best friends, this post is for you.

Make Your Process Easy

If you’re offering a service, chances are your clients are coming to you because they can’t do it themselves. While they still rely on you to fill those gaps, they are busy with their own daily agenda. In order to keep your clients coming back for more, establish a process that’s easy for your client to work with. This means making the transaction between you and your client as simple and painless as possible. The goal is to make their life easier anyway, right?

Make Yourself Available

When your clients begin to come back on a regular basis, they are clearly starting to show trust in your business. In order to guarantee that trust, you need to make your company completely available to them. Keep a regular conversation going with your clients so that you’re always on the same page and can simplify future meetings. If you haven’t already, assign a point of contact for the client. This establishes a very personal business relationship, which your clients will appreciate. suggests that you should keep your clients informed about the awesome services you’re providing for them. Keeping in close contact with your clients will make the relationship that much stronger.

Look for Ways to Wow Them

Sure, your clients are already coming back to you for more. But you want to establish long-term customer loyalty. As you continue working with them and providing them with your services, take some extra time to come up with new ways to wow them. Your goal isn’t to be in-and-out; it’s to keep the client’s well-being as your very personal interest. In whatever you do for them, continue to think about how you can do it even better. The only goal when setting out to wow your client is to bring them something above and beyond what they were expecting and looking for. Nothing says, “We care about your business,” like sincere attempts at bettering the work you provide them.

Make Their Interests Your Interests

In everything you do for your clients, make sure your intent is to always do what is in their best interest.  To truly form meaningful relationships you have to become a student of your industry and the people in it.  Help your clients with things outside of the products & services you offer.  These are the things that set apart “vendors” from a trusted advisor.

Follow these steps, and you’re sure to build long-term customer loyalty with your favorite clients!