AutoHook powered by Urban Science

By: vvaden

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Autohook provides targeted incentives. Their solutions integrate across all three automotive tiers to drive more incremental sales. Motivating qualified prospects to visit can be a challenge. However, we make it into an opportunity.  Our unique offerings allows an edge to help beat the competitors.  The Urban Science® DataHub™ is the power behind our solutions. It’s the only near real-time source of industry-wide sales* fueled directly from the automakers and not on modeled or delayed vehicle registrations. This exclusive data enables you to make informed, strategic business decisions based on yesterday’s insights, not last month’s or last quarter’s.  They offer everything you could want from real-time reporting, to direct consumer feedback (a direct correlation of what we offer and a true valuation of our offerings), to case studies that have real value-added tips from pros and a wealth of information from target insiders.  Take a look at how Autohook’s solutions can help your business. 

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