Waffle Party at PERQ

By: Brooke Kovanda

What makes our culture here at PERQ so great? WAFFLE PARTIES!


That’s right, you heard me: Waffle Parties including spreads of decadent toppings like M&M’s and fresh fruit, toffee crunch bites, chocolate chips, and syrup (a whole lot of syrup!).


Last month, I decided that the PERQ Marketing Team should have one of these parties as a celebration to culminate the end of two weeks’ worth of Sprint Work (we work in two-week bursts to break down our projects into manageable goals). The winter doldrums were coming to a close, and I felt like the team needed to celebrate!


I’ll admit this though…The origin of my idea came from the PERQ Product Team. The engineers frequently make each other breakfasts to celebrate completing portions of their software project.


So I thought to myself, “Hey, why not show everyone who the REALLY fun team is around here and have a Waffle Bar at our next sprint planning meeting?”


Thank goodness one of PERQ’s Core Values is the idea of “Game On”- which includes always being ready for a healthy dose of competition. Because yeah, I’ll admit it- I’m a little bit competitive! Obviously for such an endeavor I’d need buy-in from my team. In typical Marketing Team fashion, I sent an email invitation to my team members, asking them to fill out a questionnaire on a linked landing page in regards to their preferred waffle topping and whether or not they’d like to participate. Because when you’re a marketing professional, a simple email is just too lowbrow, am I right?


I also made a header image for the invite that featured all of the people on our team as different cats in a recreation of a Village People album cover.


Who can resist an invitation showing themselves in cat form? Nobody in this company, clearly. (Note: Our office is dog friendly. And people take full-advantage of that. Thank goodness. Because some of us are definitely staunch dog lovers.) The form featured ground-breaking questions such as “Would you like to have a waffle lunch on Friday?” Answer options: “Yes! I would love to prove how fun the marketing team actually is and make everyone jealous!”, and, “No, Brooke, Your ideas are weird. Leave me alone! ”After I got everyone’s OK, I set out to Walmart to get the supplies for our party, came back, and got cooking.


Using Product Marketing Manager Courtney Guggenberger’s heart-shaped waffle maker, I started churning out waffles so my team could grab a waffle and top it as soon as our meeting started.


While cooking, I was sure to pour myself a mimosa with a healthy dose of champagne. Because hey, it was a Friday, and that’s how we do it at PERQ. Like Jimmy Buffett once said, “It’s five-o-clock somewhere.”


The Marketing Team descended upon the waffles and mimosas like a pack of hungry young business professionals. They grabbed their goods and topped them with the variety of delicacies displayed oh-so-professionally along the table in our Green Couch Room. No doubt about it- it’s nice to end the week with a little treat. It was during this Waffle Party that our Marketing Director, Muhammad Yasin, fell off the “no-carb wagon.”


Possibly the best part of the Waffle Party was seeing all the different ways in which our team topped their waffles.


There were the traditionalists, with their standard butter and syrup combo; the sugar monsters, with M&M’s and toffee crunch chucks; and the quasi-health-nuts, with blueberries, fruit, and whipped cream. Clearly, your waffle topping says something about you.


Waffle Parties: a time to celebrate your team’s hard work over the past few weeks, kick back and laugh together, and mentally prepare for the next round of kicking butt with straight marketing campaign fire! Gear up, guys.


It’s pretty clear that here at PERQ, we’re masters of engagement- not just external engagement with our customers, but also internal engagement within the company. Our employees live our culture and core values every day here in the workplace.


And for that reason, we continue to (waffle) party on.