Trade Appraisal Plus for Ford

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Results Within First 80 Days

  • 40 CARS SOLD



The Situation


Family owned and operated since 1953, Jenkins & Wynne is a new and used Ford dealership located in Clarksville, Tennessee. The dealership focuses on high-quality customer service and strives for trustworthy and transparent relationships with its customers. They approach their marketing strategy with logical, data-driven decisions and value vendor relationships that allow them to break apart from the cookie cutter mold.


The Jenkins & Wynne team had a popular trade-in tool on their website but like most dealers, didn’t consider it to be a source of lead generation. With heightened focus on converting anonymous website visitors into known leads, the team didn’t realize that their trade-in tool could be immensely more helpful in doing so. The Jenkins and Wynne team had no reason to stay with their trade-in tool vendor, but at that time, was unaware of a better option. Until PERQ called.

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The Solution: Trade Appraisal Plus


The team at PERQ called Casey Jenkins, Director of Marketing at the dealership and asked if she’d be willing to try the Trade Appraisal Plus (TAP) tool for a 30 day trial. Casey was intrigued that the tool could be customized and loved the idea that it would deliver high-quality leads while providing insight into customer behavior through reporting. With mediocre experience with automotive vendors in the past, Casey really wanted an open, committed relationship with any new vendor that she brought on board.


With PERQ and its TAP tool, Casey found herself in the ideal situation. Casey worked with the PERQ team to seamlessly implement the trade-in tool on her website. With a need to stay true to her company’s culture and voice, Casey wanted an experience that reflected the Jenkins & Wynne brand. PERQ listened to her requests and delivered a customized experience. For that initial 30 day period, she even ran TAP alongside her other trade-in tool to test which would work better. TAP won.

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The Results


From the time period of May 15- July 31 (77 days), Casey’s team received 181 leads and sold 40 cars from Trade Appraisal Plus. That’s a 22% conversion rate. The team also gathered data that not only saved them time, but helped engage them in a real, valuable conversations. For example, 55% of all leads requested information on financing, guiding Casey’s team in conversation with those consumers and pushing them further down the sales funnel.


Casey loved the results and customer service that TAP and the PERQ team delivered so much that she wanted to share it with her dealer peers on the Ford Direct Dealer Advisory Board. The group meets several times a year and offers opportunities to its members to submit ideas for “The Best Idea Award.” Casey presented Trade Appraisal Plus and emphasized two main things 1) the reporting and quality of leads generated from TAP and 2) the high level of customer service she received from PERQ. And she WON! What’d she tell her peers that convinced them to vote for her idea? “This is the real deal.”

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“When our team calls these TAP leads, they all say that they’re their favorite leads that come in because it’s just a more relevant conversation with the customer. The customer is a little bit further down in the buying funnel and is more willing to have a quality conversation and give us a chance just to talk to them and earn their business. Our team just really enjoys the PERQ leads because they’re not a waste of time.”

Casey Jenkins, Internet Manager