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By: Kristy Esch

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Enjoy a Halloween treat with this bonus episode of The Bridge podcast. Past guest, Joey Gunn from Knight Furniture and Mattress mentioned that his store was haunted and we just had to hear more. Tune in to this spooky edition of The Bridge to find out about Jeff, the spirit that has been haunting Knight Furniture. Try not to get chills… we dare you!



Joey Gunn: His name is Jeff, and we started seeing Jeff show up and we were like, he’s dead. Maybe this is a guy that looks like and whatever, but like he started coming in on an hours, we weren’t open and so we knew that he wasn’t crossing.


Andy: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. So you can show me a picture of a dude walking in the door.


Joey: Yeah.


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Fabian Rodriguez: Okay. You ready? Well, before, before you go into the intro, I just, I can’t get off one topic so I just want to like get a little bit comfortable talking here.


Andy: Ah, okay.


Fabian: Is that cool?


Andy: Of course.


Fabian: Okay. Um, I’m like obsessed with ghosts. So like dive a little bit deeper into that happens. Yeah. Like who is this person that you’re seeing on camera? Cause you kind of touched that, but then you didn’t really go away.


Andy: It was like one of those ghost stories you’re like, ahh…


Joey: Well, the most recent one and probably the most interesting is we had a guy that was the best friend of our sales manager, our current sales manager. And he, he passed away two years ago. And, our security, our door counter, he’s been showing back up to the store. I think we’ve counted the shown up 65 times since he’s passed away.


Andy: What does that mean? Door counter?


Joey: So when you come in my door, it takes your picture. And it’s actually a rolling camera. It’s not a still photo. It’s as a rolling camera. And so what basically what that does is it, um, for advertising purposes it’s called Visitlytics and it takes those people and it runs algorithms on it and it actually ends up spitting out reports to me of like what the average age of my customer is, male or female. Yeah, it’s really cool. And it helps me decide who I need to advertise to and things like that. Well, obviously it keeps the pictures of the customers that are coming in and we monitor those every now and then to make sure everything’s, you know, fine. And we started, his name’s Jeff and we started seeing Jeff show up and we were like, he’s dead. Maybe this is a guy that looks like and whatever. But like, he started coming in on an hours, we weren’t open and so we knew that he wasn’t crossing.


Andy: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. And so you can show me a picture of a dude walking in a door at 4:00 AM.


Joey: Yeah.


Fabian: Do you have any on your phone?


Joey: Uh, I might.


Andy: That doesn’t even make sense.


Fabian: You didn’t know I was going to turn this into like a metrics data question.


Joey: Yeah, yeah. There’s actually an advertising side to it.


Andy: How’s your alarm not going off?


Joey: Um, well nothing ever happens. It’s just a photo. He never opens the door and so we have like all these pictures and of Jeff coming in and, and he’s not always wearing the same thing. And so it’s not the same photo that’s just being, you know, regurgitated in the system and, and um,


Andy: You don’t think there’s a glitch in the software?


Joey: We went to them and we were like, what the hell? There’s this, you know, it’s throwing our traffic counts off. Like, wait, we didn’t even tell him they were, that he was dead. We just said that there’s something, you know, this guy keeps showing up and he’s not here and all that. And, um, then, uh, they came back to us and they’re like, we can’t figure this out. I mean, it looks, you know, this, it’s taking his picture cause he’s there and we’re like, okay, well here’s the deal. He died two years ago. And they were like, uh, you know, okay, you know, this is bigger than what we, what we thought


Andy: And they’re like we’re not qualified to answer that question.


Joey: Yeah.


Fabian: And other people besides yourself who have seen these photos?


Joey: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


Andy: Nobody’s ever seen anybody?


Joey: No. And in fact, there was one busy Saturday that we had and he showed up while we were open and he was never in the store. I mean, just the camera took his picture, you know, and so, um, and we can tell like from those, there’s people standing at the front door. Yeah. I mean we can tell there’s a street, um, behind that door and there’s cars passing. I mean, we could tell if it was taken that day or not. And it was taken that day, I mean, cause based on what the natural lights doing and things like that.


Andy: Look at you.


Fabian: I love that stuff.


Joey: I had an experience about seven years ago that we were up on the second floor. And I was with an employee and there was an audible voice that said “Don’t”, and I don’t know what they were saying “Don’t” to, but I knew I wasn’t crazy because my coworker heard it, too. And so we left. I don’t know what that was about either.


Fabian: And that’s where I got the chills. Right there.


Joey: Yeah. So we, we left. I’ll try to find it.


Fabian: Email works, too.


Andy: I want it to, if you can’t find, I would love to see it. We want it.


Joey: Yeah. And they show it at the ghost tour and all that stuff. Here’s another creepy part about that story. And this is the part of the story I don’t really tell a whole lot. So my dad really became obsessed with this story because it’s potentially a security issue. Like either this is a ghost or like we’re being, you know, we’re being worked. Um, and someone’s about to rob us. And so, um, we were monitoring and he was still showing up and we were, we were monitoring it, monitoring it. And one day we went in and all of the history of only his picture for like three months were wiped. So we called Vistilytics and we were like, you know, don’t mess with our system. You know, you can’t be deleting images. And they’re like, what, what are you talking about? Nobody in our store has access to do that either… to wipe any of the data or whatever. And so we have about, you know, three months where he was there, that the data got wiped. Now we took photos of the photos and so like we still have proof that it happened, but um, yeah, something happened to our system where the, where the data went missing.


Andy: That’s weird.


Fabian: This is either 100% true or this is like some new form of marketing to ghost tours where you’re bringing people in.


Joey: Well, I mean, my dad, so after my experience seven years ago, I was saying, you know, we need to get people here, um, and do like… uh what were the shows that were popular at the time?


Fabian: Like Ghost Hunters or something?


Joey: My wife watches that and um, I was like, we need to do one of those. And he was really afraid to invite that sort of interest into the store because he was afraid that it would keep people away from the store and affect sales. And so he didn’t want to introduce the deterrent.


Fabian: Yeah, my mind would have been like, I don’t want to introduce more spirits in…  like you’re calling them in by paying attention.


Joey: The story gets weirder. So our, our next door neighbor has similar experiences and, um, we brought in a medium, uh, communicator, right. And they will go to the place next door first. And, midway through she was supposed to go to our store next. Midway through that scenario next door, the medium freaked out, left crying, and never came back and refuse to go in our store. So I don’t know what she experienced, but what I do know is that the, you know, that something strange.


Fabian: Yeah. There’s something there. Yeah. Now that I’ve successfully derailed this entire thing was all that official podcast. That was great. That’s good stuff right there.


Andy: Love it.


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