Quick Reads: Defining An Engaged Culture

By: Andy Medley

CEO and Co-Founder of PERQ

Engaged culture? We use that concept a lot around here at PERQ. What’s important is knowing how you define ‘engaged’. For a lot of outsiders, this word gets confused with fun. Except fun is the outcome and not the goal.

Fun can only happen when a shared vision with a clear goal is met. It’s more commonly known as winning. Our job as leaders is to create an environment where we can win and therefore is ‘fun’.


An engaged culture starts with a purpose and vision that resonates with your team because of its clarity and inherent benefits of pursuit. However, true engagement can only happen when every individual understands her role in the vision and sees the difference that she is making through clear goals. Along the way we incentivize success and give clear feedback when something is awry. Easy concept to write, but that clarity and goal setting is a never ending endeavor.


When it is working, you have a concert of talented people all pushing different parts of the rock uphill together. Milestones get hit and that all allusive concept of momentum starts to build…..Oh, and that’s also where the fun comes in!