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By: Muhammad Yasin

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FATWIN, Meltwater Buzz, and 250OK Marketing Tech Transcription

Intro (00:00):

Technology. Marketing tech blog. Technologic.

Douglas Karr (00:09):

We always have a busy week, but lots of tools. Sometimes we go into these lulls where we’re doing a ton of infographics and showing those off, but lots of tools to talk about. First one that I want to talk about, especially to our listeners, if you have foot traffic, that’s coming in the door. So you’re a retail establishment, especially you don’t have to be, but if you’re especially a retail establishment, there’s a lot of contests out there, so you can do direct mail contests and basically buy into these programs. Then there’s the online ones that you can buy into. Well, there’s a new company right out of Indianapolis called Fatwin. F-A-T-W-I-N, Fatwin.

Speaker 1 (00:47):

Yeah. I saw some of your pictures from Mtech.

Douglas Karr (00:49):

Yeah. They got some cool stuff. Fatwin, basically what they’ve done is, they’ve integrated it all, offline and online. You can send out direct mail pieces, newspaper inserts, or emails or whatever. When people come to your store, they can play the game, right at a kiosk, right, right there. And they can win right there. The thing is, is, everything that’s redeemed. Either the coupon that’s redeemed that someone got in the mail, or online all goes into a nice analytics bucket and a lead gen bucket. You get to ask people questions before they play, everything else. That’s the awesome side from a business standpoint. You can increase the number of people coming in your business and then kind of qualify them to see who it is that you want to call back. The reverse side of it is the consumer side is really cool.

Douglas Karr (01:39):

And that’s that, what Fat Win does is, they have a progressive system. Right now, it’s up to a $40,000 jackpot. Just like casinos have progressive slots and stuff like that…

Speaker 1 (01:52):

Right, right, right.

Douglas Karr (01:52):

They’ve got their own progressive jackpot. All of the advertisers in their network are basically, every time someone plays in, it’s like a nickel to the progressive. The other side is only 9% of people actually believe that companies give away these prizes.

Speaker 1 (02:14):


Douglas Karr (02:14):

Did you know that? 9%? 91% of people just think they’re lying.

Speaker 1 (02:20):


Douglas Karr (02:21):

What they do is, on the right-hand side of their screen, on the kiosk, and online, they show the live winners in real time.

Speaker 1 (02:28):


Douglas Karr (02:29):

Yeah. They show you, Hey, Erin just won a $200 gift card and this guy just won it and that girl… They’re putting it all out there, but really good. Keep an eye on them. Fat

Speaker 1 (02:43):

I dig it, I dig the name.

Douglas Karr (02:45):

Yeah. Another company that I want to talk about, Meltwater, they’re a sponsor of the Marketing Tech Blog. We basically get emails. We do searches for clients, for industry stuff, so a lot of the data that we get right now on our blog is because we have all of these listeners out there. Not people, but computer, so these algorithms going out there and capturing data on email marketing technologies, so that the second someone writes a blog post about their new company, we know about it, and we get these alerts. That’s how we’re able to accumulate all of these articles all the time. The tool that we use is Meltwater.

Douglas Karr (03:24):

It’s a tool called Buzz B-U-Z-Z. The fascinating thing that I wanted to bring, that’s great for us, we’re a publisher, right? We need all of that information.

Speaker 41 (03:34):


Douglas Karr (03:35):

One of our clients today, we uncovered, had 500 mentions in the last two weeks across Facebook, but they weren’t tagged in those conversations.

Speaker 1 (03:47):


Douglas Karr (03:47):

They just mentioned the company name.

Speaker 1 (03:49):


Douglas Karr (03:50):

Well, they weren’t even aware.

Speaker 1 (03:51):


Douglas Karr (03:51):

They weren’t even aware that those conversations were happening out there. So you think about that with your own business.

Speaker 1 (03:56):


Douglas Karr (03:56):

If you’ve got a good business, either complaints compliments, whatever, and these were really complimentary remarks. But the fact is, is that someone went out and said, “Hey, this, this company did a great job”, blah, blah, blah, and then nobody responded. We talked to them literally today and we were talking to them and we were saying, we need to have a response mechanism on these, so that you can go, “Hey, that’s fantastic, we’re glad you like our products and services. Here’s a discount code for your followers to sign up.” Right?

Speaker 1 (04:30):

Yep. I like that.

Douglas Karr (04:32):

But the thing is, is, it’s understanding that a lot of people just think that, well, because I wasn’t mentioned on Twitter or because they didn’t write on my Facebook page, doesn’t mean they’re not talking about you everywhere else.

Speaker 1 (04:46):


Douglas Karr (04:46):

You might be surprised at the volume of traffic out there that people are talking about you. Companies really, I think, underestimate the impact of that. Think about that, that it was 500 your conversations. That’s not 500, one people conversations.

Speaker 1 (05:05):

That’s not 500 retweets, either. It’s-

Douglas Karr (05:07):

Exactly. It’s 500 places where their brand was communicated to tens of thousands of followers.

Speaker 1 (05:16):


Douglas Karr (05:17):

There’s this entire pocket of conversation happening out there that they weren’t even aware existed. That’s what companies need to understand, is that the conversation’s happening about you, your products, your services, the things that you have to offer.

Speaker 1 (05:34):


Douglas Karr (05:34):

Your customer service, the good, the bad, the ugly they’re happening. They’re happening out there. The question is, is, are you out there responding? Are you out there telling people, “Thank you”? Are you out there encouraging people? Are you out there nurturing these relationships with these people? Are you out there when someone complains publicly?

Speaker 1 (05:55):


Douglas Karr (05:55):

And saying, “Hey, we’ll take care of that”, or, “Hey, we didn’t do that, that’s not true.” Just the fact that companies don’t even understand that those conversations are happening is really important.

Speaker 1 (06:09):

Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

Douglas Karr (06:11):

If you’re, a company that does a lot of emails, high, high volume sender, or you have a big payback on your email, one of the things that is becoming clear nowadays is inbox placement, they call it. A lot of these email service providers, if you go with a Mailchimp or Exact Target or whatever, they’ll say, “Oh, we have 99% inbox placement”, or whatever. It’s not a bogus number, but basically what it means is, after you join them and import your list, and after the list is bounced a few times, and everything else with what’s left, you’re going to make the inbox really nice. But the fact is is, that you can’t really trust that’s a system-wide number.

Douglas Karr (06:55):

Yours might be totally different. All of your emails might be blocked and they might be blocked because of some words that you used in your title or whatever. So, there are these inbox placement services that basically, you give them a list and they go out and they basically send to that list and they tell you what percentage of that list made it in the inbox versus a junk folder or a spam folder or whatever.

Douglas Karr (07:24):

The big guys on the block are Return Path. They charge a lot of money for their stuff. But again, we have a great company in town that launched. It’s called 250Ok. 250Ok. 250 winds up being, it’s the code on the back end when an email actually makes it through, okay. So they’re called 250Ok. But 250Ok basically has an inbox placement service. If you have a lot of emails going out and you’re just getting a 0% response, or you’re getting a 0.05% response on your stuff…

Speaker 1 (07:55):


Douglas Karr (07:56):

You might want to use one of these services because you might want to check. You’re spending all this money on sending emails. We spend over $500 a month to send email.

Speaker 1 (08:08):


Douglas Karr (08:09):

Well, if 99.9% of it is going to a junk filter, then we’re just wasting money. We’re just throwing it away. That’s what these services are for is, basically to use these to do the testing and everything else.

Speaker 1 (08:24):


Douglas Karr (08:26):

The last one that I wanted to talk about real quick was eBooks. We’ve talked about them in the past, we’ve had shows, I think, about eBooks.

Speaker 1 (08:33):

Yep. Yep.

Douglas Karr (08:33):

It’s a huge deal. Everybody is doing e-publishing, now. Companies are starting to use it from a marketing tactic, now. There’s a new company called Pubsoft, which actually creates an ebook publishing portal. So literally, your agency or a big company or whatever could have your own eBook studio.

Speaker 1 (08:55):


Douglas Karr (08:56):

With authors and royalty checks and the rest of them and they have conversion software, so you just upload a Word document and it fancifies it and puts it in cool fonts and everything else, and makes an ebook that people can download on Droid or iPhone or anything. Fancified?

Speaker 1 (09:13):

I don’t want to be fancified.

Douglas Karr (09:14):

You need it. This eBook thing, don’t forget, this is taking off like crazy and you should be working on an eBook if you’re not already for your industry.

Outro (09:29):

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