Using Lease Automation to Manage Leads

By: Lauren Spears

Event marketing genius, Lauren loves volleyball and creating meaningful engagement with our clients and prospects.

Consumers started the transition to online shopping long before lockdown made it a necessity. With the influx of online leads, it can be challenging to manage all of the opportunities from the website while maintaining good relationships with customers shopping on-site. Lease automation, however, simplifies the process. 


In this episode of The Bridge podcast, Andy Medley and former co-host Fabian Rodriguez talk with Robert Lee, Director of Operations Programming from as he shares his perspective on how to reduce the burden on the sales team through the power of lead nurture and automation. 



Prioritization of leads can be difficult and sales teams can’t be on the computer all day while prospects are coming in to tour. Lee explains how using data and lead scoring in automation allows properties to let the prospect “self-service” their research journey while also being able to tend to the customers who are visiting the property in-person. Both options allow the leasing teams to build the personal relationship with the lead and ultimately turn them into a lease. 


Check out this episode of The Bridge podcast now if you want to learn how to personalize the renting journey by using lead nurture and lease automation.


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