PERQ Web Engagement Delivers Better Buyer Profiles

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PERQ Web Engagement Results — East Bay BMW



Interactive CTAs sell PERQ Web Engagement

Being surrounded by quite a few other BMW dealerships in the Bay area makes the competition fierce for East Bay BMW in Pleasanton, Calif. Internet sales manager Jason Burger says they’re constantly looking for ways to be innovative and get ahead of the curve to capture the attention of website visitors.


“It’s part of the reason the PERQ Web Engagement was a good fit for us,” Burger says. “We wanted to have a product that is deserving of BMW and the Hendrick name.”


East Bay BMW, which is part of the Hendrick Automotive Group, has been around for more than 25 years and typically has more than 300 cars on their lot.


After seeing the demo of PERQ Web Engagement, Burger says he and his team were sold on the interactive calls to action that help to create informative buyer profiles for their sales team.


“The PERQ technology seemed to align with the information we were trying to collect to find out what was really import to the customer, what their buying motivations are and their timeline for buying.”


Although BMW has restrictions on the format for their website, Burger says PERQ Web Engagement also maintained a professional appearance, making it attractive to implement. “We’re trying to deliver the best overall experience for someone who’s buying a new car.”


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PERQ Delivers Better Buyer Profiles


During the PERQ demo, Burger says they realized the old static forms — that just captured a visitor’s name, phone number and email address — weren’t getting them the information they needed.


“They don’t get us nearly the response we get from the PERQ technology now,” he says. “We take visitors through a few pages asking them what’s most important to them and their buying preference. We get more information and the customers are willing to engage with us.”


Because of that, Burger says they’re able to start the conversation with these potential clients better. “We’re not going in completely cold. As long as a dealer can read into the details and respond correctly, it gives you a bit of an edge.”


Burger says because they already have a lot of the information about the lead, East Bay BMW can also change their email templates, making it a more personal experience when they reach out to those leads.


But Burger’s favorite part of PERQ Web Engagement are the interactive CTAs because they’re creating a more personal experience on East Bay’s website.


“People can ask us specific questions they have versus filling out a static form and feeling like they’re going to get bombarded with information that maybe they don’t want,” Burger says. “It’s great that the customer can say they’re not ready to buy for six months.”


The interactive CTAs also tell the sales team if a lead is ready to buy now, giving them more motivation to make sure the customer is getting the information they need to help close that sale.


With the web engagement tool, Burger says people can also find their deals much more easily.


“The customer had to find it on our website or we had to have a landing page, but now with the new technology, the deals get someone’s attention,” he says, noting clients come in with the coupon printout from the interactive CTAs. “They say, ‘Hey, by the way, I got this off your website and I see that you’re going to give me more than $500 on the appraised value of my car,’ so the technology is worth it.


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East Bay BMW Captures Good Lead Data


Although their website has always been their no. 1 lead generator, Burger says PERQ Web Engagement has made their website even more effective and he would recommend it to other dealers wanting to capture more leads. “PERQ gives you an opportunity to gather good information from a customer.”


East Bay BMW has been using PERQ Web Engagement on their site since November 2016. In the first 90 days, they’ve seen:


  • 445 leads from the technology, which is the no. 1 source of leads on their website.
  • 104 showroom visits
    • Lead to show: 23.37%
  • 45 sales
    • Lead to sale: 10.11%
    • Show to sale: 43.27%


In January 2017, PERQ Web Engagement ranked as the no. 1 lead source for East Bay BMW in the following areas:

  • Lead to close: 10.87%
  • Appointment set: 36%
  • Appointment to showroom visit: 66%
  • Lead to show: 56%
  • Overall sales: 15
  • Overall lead volume: 138


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“Because of PERQ, the conversation starts off better with our customer. We’re not going in completely cold.”

Jason Burger, Internet Sales Manager