PERQ + Imagine Retailer Brings Data-Driven Results

By: Kristy Esch

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PERQ + Imagine Retailer Results

  • 1,403.74% ROI PERCENTAGE (5 MONTHS)


Quality Furniture Invests in Website Improvements


Quality Furniture in Mesquite, Texas, stands apart from other small furniture stores, which often lack technology expertise on the staff and don’t understand the value of investing in website improvements.


“We were already aggressive online compared to most in our industry, devoting about 50 percent of our budget to digital solutions and online marketing,” says Quality Furniture Vice President Jordan Barrick.


As the former owner of a digital marketing firm, Barrick brings unique online experience to his role at Quality Furniture. It’s that knowledge of what works well online to attract and convert new customers that actually made him hesitant at first to try the PERQ Shopping Solution on the store’s website.


He says he was initially skeptical of claims the software increases in-store sales and delivers data-driven ROI for every client. Many digital marketing solutions don’t provide provable statistical data or convert web traffic to actionable leads and sales, and Barrick already knew how to increase the website’s traffic through other online strategies.


“I was actually a very big antagonist of PERQ at first,” Barrick says. “I had to shift budget from Google AdWords to do PERQ, which was concerning considering my background in digital marketing. With Google, I know my metrics will give me a certain return, so this had to deliver a better return on investment to be worth it.”


It didn’t take long for Barrick to become a fan of PERQ once he gave it a try. “When I see this kind of ROI, I have no problem giving PERQ money to do their thing.


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Imagine Retailer’s Website Platform Makes PERQ More Potent


Soon after implementing the software on Quality Furniture’s existing website last October and seeing the initial results, Barrick was singing PERQ’s praises to his website developer, Imagine Retailer, which has since joined the PERQ partner program so it can offer the product to its own clients.


“Imagine Retailer is one of the most forward-thinking web companies I’ve worked with,” Barrick says. “They provide us with an online storefront that gives customers a way to find us and shop, and PERQ gives us a way to engage with that customer base.”


That’s exactly what the PERQ Enhanced Website Solution Partner Program is designed to do: combine a website provider’s expertise with PERQ’s interactive, guided shopping experiences to attract and engage consumers and, ultimately, increase in-store sales.


“Between Quality Furniture and Imagine Retailer, we are able to generate a fair amount of website traffic. PERQ converts this traffic to sales with their great shopping funnel system,” says David Lively, co-founder of Imagine Retailer. “In my many years in the furniture business, I have seen and read so many articles about ‘digital traffic.’ While traffic is required to make future sales, it is NOT a metric that converts to bottom line profitability.”


Website Data Validates Return on Investment


For one month, Barrick forgot to prepay his store’s Google AdWords balance and therefore didn’t advertise online at all. “Yet, we still had the best May in sales that we’ve ever had,” says Barrick, attributing a good portion of their success to the PERQ website tools that help consumers conduct online research while gathering valuable lead information. “These interactive experiences, they do a lot of positive things for us. For the ROI, to get people in the door and to buy, it’s a tremendous return on our money.”


According to Barrick, website leads that convert to in-store sales now account for about 7 to 8 percent of overall sales, bringing in an average of $20,000 in monthly volume directly attributable to PERQ.


“I’m a complete data nerd. I believe in an extremely data-driven approach,” Barrick says. “I estimate 30% of those sales, especially since we have a lot of repeat customers, were already on our website or were planning to come into the store and buy. But, that’s still a pretty significant amount of traffic. We wouldn’t be seeing the increase in sales we’re having right now without PERQ.”


Lively says PERQ is a good fit for the home furnishings industry because of their ability to provide data to clients that prove sales growth from online traffic to in store sales. “Nothing is more important to retailers than actual sales,” Lively says. “Traffic might be nice, but sales pay the bills!”


Using AI technology to serve up the next best step in the shopping process for each online shopper, PERQ’s software customizes the website based on information a consumer enters while engaging with the site, like when taking a design style quiz or sofa assessment, and tracks their behavior on the site. The website remembers shoppers when they return, never asks for the same information twice and personalizes messaging with the person’s name.


Barrick gains valuable insight into the minds of his online shoppers thanks to the results PERQ delivers. For Quality Furniture’s website, 33% of web visitors who check specials are ready to make a purchase, 39% who request more information want financing options, and 36% exit intent registrants say they plan to visit the store soon.


The “Check for Specials” button on each product listing is the most popular interactive part of Quality Furniture’s website. To access the deals, website visitors must first enter some personal information. In May alone, the feature delivered 169 unique leads to the store.


In addition to big-picture statistics, Barrick and his sales team also receive detailed consumer profiles for each person who interacts with the site, with results arriving in real time so they can quickly follow up on the leads.


“Getting data on the customer is the most successful part of working with PERQ,” Barrick says. “By knowing what stage of life they’re in, their income bracket, when and what they plan to buy, before even talking to the customer, we can hit the ground running. Leads hit my inbox every single day.


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“For the ROI, to get people in the door and to buy, PERQ and Imagine Retailer are a tremendous return on our money.”

Jordan Barrick, Quality Furniture