PERQ CEO Goes Over the Edge (For a Good Cause)

family posing at the Over the Edge for Uniter Way climbing community service event

Well, he’s done it. PERQ CEO Scott Hill finally went over the edge. To be clear, it was for a good cause.

Each year, the United Way of Central Indiana sends 80 local leaders to rappel down the Keystone Group building in downtown Indianapolis. Aptly named “Over the Edge,” the event funds food, housing, healthcare, and transportation for Central Indiana residents struggling to meet basic needs. To that end, each participant raises a minimum of $1,000. The PERQ team raised $3,875 this year.

“A key part of our purpose at PERQ is making a difference in the community, so when I was asked to participate as part of a fundraising effort, it was easy to say ‘yes,’” Scott shares. “Without the philanthropy aspect, it would have been easy to say ‘no’!” — he jests.

It’s the first time PERQ has participated. Rappellers are organized in groups who head to the roof of the 23-story building at scheduled times so their family, friends, and coworkers can watch their descent. (Catch the video below!)

YouTube video

The experience was a memorable one, for sure. “When we showed up and saw people coming down the wall and the crowd cheering, it helped calm the nerves a bit, both for me and especially my children. It made it seem like an amusement park ride of sorts, where I just had to get in line and eventually I’d be one of those people coming down,” Scott recalls. Organizers also provided training, both to ensure safety and to alleviate fears. 

Though the moments before the jump were unnerving, the descent itself was exhilarating, says Scott: “Once I got over the edge, it was awesome! I was able to relax. I felt very secure and was able to look around, find family down below, and take in an experience I didn’t expect to have, and probably won’t again.”

Would he do it again? “PERQ will! I am very thankful to have been given this experience that wouldn’t have happened without the PERQ team,” Scott shares: “But, I have now done it and it’s someone else’s turn!” To make that possible, Scott has committed to donating $1,500, locking down the commitment for a PERQ team member to go Over the Edge next year. 

Who will it be? Scott envisions some fun fundraising competition among departments to determine the next PERQ rappeller and to see if we can beat 2022 donations.

Community service is nothing new to PERQ. Blood drives, back-to-school donations, and year-end giving are some of the events the team undertakes throughout the year. “It feels good to do good,” Scott concludes. “We look forward to more opportunities to bring relief and hope to our Central Indiana neighbors.”