Mercedes-Benz Dealership Returns to PERQ After Lead Decline

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90-Day Results from PERQ’s Deal Arrangement Tool

  • 206 LEADS
  • 26 SALES


PERQ Technology Results in Increased Leads


Mercedes-Benz of Oklahoma City has always tried to have a transparent and easy buying process. “We want our customers to feel appreciated and show them we value their time,” says Una Schade, the dealership’s eCommerce Director.


For several years, the dealership, which has 200 new and 175 used vehicles, has had a strong online presence. Today, they put almost 100% of their budget toward the digital experience and online marketing. They purchased PERQ’s Web Engagement technology in August 2016 to not only help online visitors with the car buying process, but also help increase leads, and they quickly saw the benefits.


“The automotive industry lacks in keeping up with technology that is customer facing,” Schade says. “PERQ’s Web Engagement Software tools, however, are fantastic because it’s a more modern experience tailored toward what the customers are seeing online at other retail establishments. We have seen a huge uptick in leads using PERQ Web Engagement versus the traditional lead generation tools through our website provider.”


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Dealership Quickly Realizes Mistake after Cutting PERQ


This spring, Mercedes-Benz of Oklahoma City cut their marketing budget and decided to only use their website package tool to generates leads, hoping to save money. After a month without PERQ’s software, Schade says they saw a dip in the quality leads they were receiving. “When we cut it, we noticed the leads submitted per unique visitor were incredibly less,” she says. “We did think we could pull in the same numbers because we added a digital retailing tool through our website provider, but it just didn’t work.”


Schade says they were averaging 30 to 50 visitors per lead submission with PERQ. When they turned PERQ’s software off, they jumped up to 90 visitors for 1 lead submission. After a few conversations and seeing that their leads were down, Schade contacted PERQ: “My boss said sign them back up.”


The dealership began using the Deal Arrangement tool on their website again in June and also added the Trade Appraisal Plus tool to their Volvo Cars Oklahoma City website. “The benefit we got just spoke for itself with the Mercedes store, so we decided to see how it does for our Volvo dealership,” Schade says.


In the last quarter on PERQ’s dealer software, Mercedes-Benz of Oklahoma City received 206 leads resulting in 26 sales (12.62% conversion), along with a total of $81,916 gross profit.


Additional Benefits of PERQ Web Engagement


As an added bonus, Schade says the leads they receive from PERQ’s software are higher quality and they get valuable consumer data with every lead, which arms their client advisors with a lot more information to help a customer. “We know where visitors are at in the buying process… if they’re ready to buy in the next couple of days or if they’re still a couple months out. We know what vehicle the consumer is looking at and know if they’re interested in pricing information or just wanting to learn more about 4-door sedans, for example.”


PERQ’s technology has also helped meet their customers’ needs, as well, offering up a more customized experience for every visitor. “We really love the way the tool functions because it makes the online experience more intuitive for our customers. It’s personalized to them and we’re not just sending every person through the same cattle shoot.”


Schade says they’re seeing online visitors engage with PERQ Web Engagement technology and those visitors typically complete an entire interactive experience, which helps result in sales. “PERQ Web Engagement offers the highest percentage of leads with the highest closing rate,” she says. “I would recommend other dealerships use it, just based on the change in lead submission we saw with and without the tool. You’re not wasting money on this tool because you’ll see the benefits.”


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“PERQ Web Engagement offers the highest percentage of leads with the highest closing rate on sales.” Una Schade, Ecommerce Director