Learning PERQ and the Game of Business

By: Kristy Esch

Known for her many years of writing long and short form articles for the multifamily industry. Her amazing writing continues to shine in other industries.

When I started my job search, I wasn’t looking for a job per se. Instead, I wanted a career where my co-workers would inspire me to achieve my best, and in turn, I could help to drive the team to be on top of their game, too.


After interviewing with PERQ, an interactive SaaS marketing company, and meeting the faces behind the organization, I knew I could play the game of business with this team and achieve greatness.


PERQ has a purpose and a vision to create meaningful engagement between consumers and brands while following these values:


  • Be smart about growing the company.
  • Continue to innovate.
  • Get involved in the community.
  • Do your best no matter how big the challenge.
  • Deliver value to our customers.


These were values I could get behind, and during my first week as the B2B Inbound Demand Generation Manager, I was surprised by how in line every employee truly is with the mission of PERQ.


The PERQ Team

My new teammates — including co-workers, managers, the executive team and even the CEO Andy Medley — welcomed me and made me feel empowered.


They shared the vision of the company, teaching me a baseline of everything I would need to know to share in the realm of competitive greatness. I soaked up every detail like a sponge. My new network of helpful co-workers who are willing to answer my questions has proved to be invaluable.


My first day I had unfamiliar faces stop by my desk to introduce themselves, and the following week I met people in the lunchroom, by the ping pong table, throughout the office and at the annual holiday party.


The Power of FATWIN Web Engagement

My first day, I learned the value behind the FATWIN web engagement interactive technology and why static lead forms are dead.


We’re helping our clients, including auto dealers, furniture retailers and multifamily apartment complexes, generate more leads online through interactive banners and buttons (smart CTAs) that change based on a visitor’s website behavior and where they’re at in the buying process.


We help our clients capture more information about potential customers and increase shoppers’ engagement time on a website, which often converts to more sales.


In other words, FATWIN helps engage consumers online and increases web conversion generating more quality leads for our clients. The interactive software truly does improve the buying experience, making a lasting impression and personalizing it for each individual.


Embracing Agile Marketing at PERQ

During my week of exploration, I was particularly impressed to see that our team embraced agile marketing following a process called Scrum. We plan out what we need to accomplish in the following two-week sprint to align with the goals of the business.


Communication is great within the marketing team because our approach includes a 10-minute standup meeting each morning to share what we’re individually working on, while looking closely at what we’re accomplishing as a team. It helps to provide insight and holds everyone accountable.


At the end of the two-week sprint, we do a review and retrospective about what we’ve learned, what went well and what we struggled with in the hopes of continually improving the process and our team dynamic.


Improving Marketing Value and Celebrating Wins

My job at PERQ will mainly focus on inbound marketing, helping to generate new customers through content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, sponsorships, retargeting, and through reviews, referrals and advocacy.


Our purpose is to improve marketing value for the company, helping to enable rapid growth in software sales. Because of this, I also sat with the sales teams to gain a better understanding of their jobs, and got the opportunity to listen in on conversations and watch them give demonstrations of the FATWIN web engagement software.


In less than 30 minutes, one account executive giving a demo had me wanting to buy the product, and it was obvious the auto dealership was really interested investing in FATWIN, too. I recently found out the dealership will begin using our Deal Arrangement software on their website in March.


I’ve learned a lot in a week, but there’s still so much more to absorb. I’m going to continue to immerse myself in this land of competitive greatness (“drink from the firehose” as they say around here), take chances and make sure to take time to celebrate big wins. Game on!