Horich Hector Lebow (HHL) is a large advertising agency which offers PERQ technology to their home furnishings clients looking to increase engagement with website visitors. Representing some of the largest and top furniture retailers, HHL is your top tier advertising and marketing agency; including direct mail, print, broadcast, media buying, outdoor, interactive and strategic consultation.  As a full-service agency, HHL sets their work apart from the competition by being an all-encompassing production company.  They not only have up-to-date audio suites, but they have the knowledge and experience to create what you need expertly.  This also includes visuals.  Think 3D graphics, storyboards to fit your profile and meet your desired audience, to professional editors, designers, engineers; a whole creative team all here to make your marketing and advertising dreams a reality.  They can create custom music or pull from an expansive and vast library.  These experts have are prepared for whatever project you want, small, large, or anything in between.