Findlay Kia Uses Trade Appraisal Plus

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Results at a Glance

  • 313 LEADS
  • 35 CARS SOLD


Dealership Profile/The Solution


Findlay Kia is a Las Vegas-based dealership specializing in an assortment of new and certified pre-owned Optimas, Souls, Sorentos, Fortes and Sportages.

While Findlay Kia’s success has been consistent over the years, Mark Olson (Director of E-Commerce and Business Development) has always been on the lookout for the next best thing. What he really wanted was a tool that would help his salesman capture more leads, and obviously, sell even more cars. And naturally, if they could get this type of tool at a lower cost, that would be even cooler.


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The Solution: Trade Appraisal Plus


Although Mark wanted a new and more efficient lead generation tool; he wasn’t actively looking for one either. After all, he didn’t think he could do any better than what he was getting from Black Book (especially since he recently upgraded the tool), so it wasn’t exactly an urgent matter. However, all that changed in August 2015 when PERQ called to offer their own solution: Trade Appraisal Plus. After explaining how the tool functions, offering a glimpse of the information that Findlay could gather, and describing the reasonable cost, Mark became immediately interested in trying it out.


In addition to being an overall promising tool in regards to generating leads, Mark was especially excited about the fact that this was a tool that many other dealerships hadn’t adopted yet. His thinking was “Everyone is familiar with Black Book, KBB and AutoTrader — but Trade Appraisal Plus is a fairly new tool on the market.” Given TAP’s sleek presentation, and the ability to personalize the tool heavily (making it look like it isn’t a 3rd party tool), it’s assumed that it would pique consumer’s interest enough for them to go through the experience.


As soon as the tool was seamlessly integrated with their website, it was time to put it to the test.


The Result


Trade Appraisal Plus proved to be a big success for Findlay Kia. From September 2015 to March 2016, Findlay’s team collected a total of 313 leads and sold 35 cars from Trade Appraisal Plus — a nearly 12% conversion rate. Broken down by month, Findlay Kia collected an average of 50-60 leads and saw a monthly conversion rate of approximately 11%; or 5-6 cars sold each month. Black Book hadn’t supplied them with those kinds of results in the past.


Mark heavily attributes Findlay Auto’s recent success to the unique capabilities of Trade Appraisal Plus. Aside from consumers showing genuine curiosity to TAP (because it’s new), consumers responded positively to the unique questions being asked. Through TAP’s buyer profiles (generated by consumer responses), Mark’s team was able to learn about:


  • Consumer purchase timelines.
  • Where consumers are in their car research
  • Where they’re getting their car serviced
  • Whether or not they were previous customers,
  • Whether or not they have a loan on their vehicle.
  • And more….


Individual buyer profiles were generated as a result of this submitted information; and this made everyone’s jobs a lot easier. Because Findlay Kia’s salesmen were able to learn more about their consumers, this allowed them to start a conversation and assist them with their needs.


Although the folks at Findlay Kia have yet to really push the limits of their form and question personalization, they’re really looking forward to utilizing those capabilities very soon. Given the success they experienced with TAP already, they foresee even more success as they further customize the experience.


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“The information collected from the buyer profiles provides far more talking points for our guys. It makes it so much easier to start a conversation with the customer, in order to help them find what they’re looking for! Before we even reach out, we have a pretty solid idea of where our customer’s mind is at and what they’re looking for.”

Mark Olson, Director of E-Commerce and Business Development