Surviving COVID-19 Through Live Video Consultations

By: Lauren Spears

Event marketing genius, Lauren loves volleyball and creating meaningful engagement with our clients and prospects.

The COVID-19 pandemic, commonly known as the coronavirus outbreak, has completely changed how companies do business. However, you can still connect with customers through video while maintaining social distance. Right now, customers are hungry for human interaction and you can provide that and move them closer to a transaction. 


Test Your Technology

Video consultations or chats may be new to you, but it’s important not to let the customer know that. The time to troubleshoot potential technical issues is BEFORE you connect with the customer. 


Test your WIFI or cellular signal. Perhaps video chat a colleague to do a dry run just to ensure all the bugs are worked out. 


Don’t forget to turn on “do not disturb” to avoid unwanted interruptions!


Prepare your space 

It’s important to make the background and space you are touring look as wonderful as possible. Before the video call, adjust the lighting by turning on lamps and overhead fixtures and opening the blinds.  


Make sure there is minimal background noise. You may need to turn off the furnace or air conditioning. If there are any loud appliances humming, you should unplug them temporarily. Just don’t forget to plug them back in when you are done! 


Prepare for the video consultation as if it were an in-person conversation and adjust all the little things that someone might notice. 


Confirm the details 

Confirm with your shopper the details of the video consultation. Here are some questions to ask beyond the date and time: 


  • How many shoppers? 
  • Who is calling who? 
  • What platform are you using to communicate? 


Confirming these details beforehand will help make the call go smoothly! 



Always thank customers for doing the video consultation once it has ended. Be sure to send them pictures and videos to remind them of the best parts of the specific product or property they looked at, for example. 


If they had questions during the video call, be sure to reiterate the answers in the follow-up communication and close the loop on any other questions they had. 


Finally, include and clearly describe the next step you want them to take.


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