Andi Overman, Production Artist: My First Weeks at PERQ

By: Brooke Kovanda

A few weeks ago, PERQ hired a new production artist! To welcome Andi Overman to the team, we asked her to tell us a little bit about how her time at PERQ has been so far. Here’s what she had to say!

andi-overmanOn my first day of onboarding, we started off with bagels and a goofy ICP music video. Looking back I realize it was actually a pretty good summary of what the culture is like at PERQ.


I spent most of my first week learning about the process of completing a job and details of our products. But my coworkers kept it interesting with jokes and a lot of foam dart throwing. I went out to lunch every day with different staff members so that I could learn more about my coworkers. It was nice to get to know them and hear their funny stories. Plus, as an added bonus, I now know some fantastic places to go eat around PERQ!


As far as my day-to-day right now, the pace has been slow and steady, but it’s really nice having this time to get comfortable with my coworkers, practice on mock-up jobs, and understand exactly how jobs are completed. I feel prepared to get off to a good start!


I’m happy with how things are going so far. The atmosphere is fun and people goof around in-between working. I think PERQ is a good fit for me. It’s great having positive coworkers and it seems there will be tons extra activities to keep things fun, a bit of friendly competition between the Purple and Green teams (I’m on Purple!), and opportunities to help the community too.


I’m excited to get going and do well here at PERQ.


Thanks, Andi! If you see Andi, be sure to welcome her to PERQ.