AI Leasing Assistant

A deep dive into what an AI Leasing Assistant can and can’t do.

At PERQ, we develop innovative solutions to solve industry challenges. Our platform, while it includes a leasing assistant, goes beyond a leasing assistant to solve the multifamily industry’s biggest issues.  Our state-of-the-art approach addresses:

  • Time constraints of busy teams and their inability to keep up with all the questions from prospective renters
  • Scale of lead generation to ensure there are enough leads to meet occupancy goals
  • High costs per leads and costs per lease by increasing conversions so you can reduce spend.


PERQ’s lead management platform is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It’s making major waves in the multifamily leasing industry because of its ability to outperform other solutions on increasing conversion rates, saving time and reducing costs. The secret to our AI platform apart is its ability to deliver a great brand experience for your prospective renters. Not to mention our solution incorporates an AI Leasing Assistant and AI chatbot technology, which is ideal when it comes to collecting valuable prospect data during the leasing process.


Man working at home with boxes all over.


Now more than ever, apartment shoppers are looking months in advance and doing considerable research on their own before they are ready to tour. They want to investigate multiple properties, understand neighborhoods, compare different floor plans and rental rates to develop a short list of their favorites. Multifamily teams are not equipped with the staff to engage with these shoppers in this way. It’s simply more than leasing teams can handle. Therefore, many multifamily PMCs opt to look for an AI Leasing Assistant to help handle questions of website visitors 24/7 and to send email follow ups in an attempt to get a tour scheduled.


PERQ takes this to the next level. PERQ installs on the website to tee up interactive experiences and widgets along with the website chatbot. Our AI chatbot technology uses natural language processing (NLP), which means your renters can ask any question and the technology can understand the intent of their question, even if it is not worded perfectly. This outperforms other AI approaches and provides your rental prospect with a smoother experience.  With NLP, chatbots work better than rule-based bots and because it understands natural language, it gives prospects a better experience. Even cooler, when you choose PERQ, you get the same NLP-powered SMS chat and email chat as well.  And, PERQ connects your lead sources, such and other ILS, to provide the nurturing you need to make the most of these leads.


As PERQ converses with prospects and they explore the experiences, it also collects all the data in its system so it can be used to personalize automated nurture messaging in SMS and email. PERQ reaches out proactively to the rental prospect to keep your property top of mind, using the channels, timing and content that are the right fit for that individual prospect. When the lead is agent ready, PERQ passes all this data along in the renter guest card so the onsite team can tailor their conversation with the prospect accordingly.  While AI Leasing Assistants serve the purpose of handling customer questions and sending static follow up, PERQ’s approach outperforms by handling more questions, converting more website leads, and making those leads into tours without the involvement of your team.


The multifamily leasing process can become overly complicated when your tech stack doesn’t have the right tools or the tools you do have don’t work well together. This process is simplified and virtually effortless with PERQ working on your property websites. With our platform that offers a combination of AI leasing assistant, chatbot AI, lead conversion widgets, and automated outbound nurture touches, properties receive a complete solution that is easy to implement, and integrates well with multifamily’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) and property management systems (PMS).


So, whether you want to call PERQ an AI leasing assistant or not, let’s take a deeper look into how PERQ can change the way you and your team connect with prospects across the leasing journey for the better.

PERQ’s AI Lead Management Platform Solves Multifamily Industry Challenges

What sets PERQ apart from AI chatbots and AI leasing assistants is that our solution is an “all-in-one” platform. By combining single-point solutions, the platform goes beyond an AI Leasing Assistant and cohesively automates all phases of the multifamily leasing journey to increase overall results and deliver a better renting experience. Here are some distinct industry-related issues PERQ solves differently than an AI leasing assistant or AI chatbot technology would:

  • Building a tech stack of independent applications creates a disconnected and frustrating experience for rental prospects.
  • It’s hard and time-consuming to implement new technology solutions and integrate them into your operation.
  • The effort of trying to integrate or combine multiple independent applications on your own isn’t worth it due to cost and effort. And sometimes, point solutions cannot work together.
  • Property management companies don’t have a reliable source of centralized data they can rely on to understand attribution, performance of lead sources, and renter preferences.


With an “all-in-one” solution like PERQ, you can avoid the disconnect and frustration that comes from having a collection of one-off, single point solutions. Prospects can navigate your website a lot easier and have a more positive experience. It also makes it easier for the leasing team since it does take a lot of time to learn since you don’t have to implement a bunch of single point solutions and try to figure out if they are worth the time and money.


perq platform collage | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant


Having centralized data and up to date reporting saves the leasing team hours of work and makes their communication with prospects easier and more informed. Like an AI leasing assistant, PERQ is an extension of the leasing team. Think of it as your newest hire except this employee isn’t confined to office hours and can answer prospect questions 24/7 and guide them on your website. It collects all that data and knows when to send nurture messages and when to pull back. It is also fitted to your branding and your brand voice so all the messaging it sends out truly feels like it came from your property.


We have what it takes to solve these unique problems and more since our  platform goes beyond an AI leasing assistant and does not have a rule-based bot. It is continually learning and improving its responses. A chatbot designed to cater to the multifamily property space can make all the difference in your operations and bottom line.

Beyond An AI Assistant

Our all-in-one AI lead management platform works as an extended member of your team. You can be confident knowing that with this platform, you will be receiving the highest quality leads while collecting better data along the way. As a bonus, our all-in-one solution minimizes the need for single point widgets currently existing on your sites. Say goodbye to one-off chat solutions, lead conversion tools and automated nurture. Our AI lead management platform brings that work all in one place, to give properties a complete omni-channel solution that is easy to implement.


If you’re looking to save time, money and create more qualified tours, an AI assistant that is part of a larger lead management solution is a great resource. We offer the best AI chatbot for increasing the probability of traffic turning into tangible leads. With your virtual assistant, expect to work less and convert more.


In turn, that will allow you to worry less about constantly managing your website and pay attention to what really matters—connecting with your agent-ready leads, and more importantly, fostering relationships with existing residents. Our lead management platform simplifies the leasing process and makes it easy to understand what your prospects are looking for by collecting better data. That data allows for better decision making around messaging, amenities and marketing channels because you will easily be able to see what floor plans important or what renters are are looking for in the surrounding community. Knowing that information humanizes the leasing process and in turn, converts more tours and creates long term renters.


Better yet, improving your operational efficiency is a breeze with our specialized solutions. Not only will you be able to collect better overall data, but you can look forward to a 2-4X increase in leads and up to a 50% increase in tours and lead-to-tour conversion. You can also look forward to saving your leasing team 10-12 hours per week with help from our AI lead management platform.


You’ll love the ability to consolidate your tech stack on one integrated platform and create a better brand experience for your community. PERQ’s platform extends the reach of a traditional AI leasing assistant and is customizable to fit your brand identity and makes it easy to stay top of mind when nurturing leads. Your colors, logos and language will cohesively come together in all automated follow-up using the assistant.


Additionally, PERQ’s AI Lead Management platform has the capability to grow leases with lead capture on channels outside of your property website, is compatible to support multiple types of tour formats and has strong integrations with other industry software providers to ensure a valuable experience for prospective renters on your onsite teams.

Detailed Reporting From Our Products

Data is a key component to ensuring you are getting everything you need out of your marketing efforts. Often, multifamily marketing teams don’t have access to accurate data for lead attribution and lead source performance. And AI Leasing Assistants don’t often help with this issue. PERQ does.


PERQ’s advanced reporting comes standard with automated property and lease match back reporting, attribution tracking, and additional expert analysis and custom reporting available. Clients of PERQ enjoy access to a reporting portal to access their dashboard and reports at their convenience.


The data advantages of PERQ over leasing assistants and chatbots does not stop at reporting. PERQ surfaces prospect insights for onsite teams and delivers them directly into your CRM.  Every interaction is tracked, whether it is from the website chatbot, SMS chatbot, email chatbot or from interaction with the website experiences. By collecting all this information and delivering it into the CRM, your leasing teams are equipped to better service the agent-ready leads once the AI leasing assistant hands them off, therefore converting more qualified tours into leases because the onsite teams can better tailor their discussions with prospective renters and even use the data to deliver a more personalized tour of the property. 


PERQ’s advanced level of insight into your prospective renters gives you an inside look at what interactions do help drive leads. Here are some other ways our data can help you with:


  • Increased visibility into the leasing journey for your marketing team, helping them make better decisions
  • Higher quality leads with 3-5X more information than an average lead for leasing agents to use when the AI leasing assistant hands-off a lead.
  • Lead data is automatically put into use by the AI assistant, to personalize the nurture touches for prospects.
  • Useful dashboards and reports that are automatically set up and delivered without any work required by property or regional managers.


Because PERQ’s technology runs interactive website experiences, a differentiator from an AI assistant, we enable increased visibility into the leasing journey and your marketing team can have access to important data such as which amenities renters care about, how long a prospect stays on the site, or if rental prospects interact better with 2D or 3D floor plans.


Knowledge is power and our robust reporting can provide a deep level of insight about your multifamily operations and renter behavior. With our comprehensive products and tools, it’s no wonder so many are jumping on this high-end cutting-edge solution. Not convinced, here are some other ways PERQ’s data reporting program outweighs that of an AI leasing assistant:


  • Integration with Google Analytics that enhances data accuracy and reporting for clear conversion and channel performance.
  • Tracking of consumers’ online activity and conversions to offline tour and lease outcomes for even deeper conversion and channel performance.
  • Reporting capabilities by integrating Google Ads and Search Console accounts with PERQ integrated Google Analytics account.
  • Dashboards and up-to-date performance and consumer data that can be sliced and diced however the PMC desires. You can also export it into other systems.


With PERQ reporting as a key component of the PERQ solution you can rest assured that your onsite, marketing, operations and executive teams will be empowered to make the right decisions for your property and prospective renters to succeed.

What Sets Us Apart

At PERQ, we’re all about innovation for the sake of multifamily properties. Watching our clients evolve and succeed is the reward of a lifetime for our team. Each member of our team genuinely cares about the outcome and success of our clients, and we’re proud to offer a solution with a competitive advantage that ensures you’re getting the very best solution for your business.


“We love PERQ because you help convert people,” says Jamin Harkness, EVP at The Management Group. “PERQ has supercharged our tech stack, driving conversions up and costs per lead down. PERQ’s blend of website experiences, chatbots and nurture touches get prospects ready to talk to my team. And, since all the information PERQ collects goes into our CRM, we’re better equipped for our in-person conversations.”


As you consider an AI leasing assistant or AI chatbot, we hope you’ll consider a more complete solution like PERQ’s AI lead management platform. Our tools double conversions compared to AI leasing assistants and AI chatbots. We’re so confident in our product that we offer a free pilot and encourage you to test our technology against leasing assistants and chatbots.


PERQ integrates with your existing website and lead sources to engage, nurture and convert every lead, improving the multifamily leasing journey for everyone. Learn how it works or request a demo