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How an AI Leasing Assistant can transform your multifamily properties.

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An AI leasing assistant can do wonders in improving your multifamily leasing process. From increasing lead conversion to better, more natural follow-up, there is a lot the AI leasing assistant can do for your community.


At PERQ, we’re always trying to develop innovative solutions to solve industry challenges. Our state-of-the-art AI leasing assistant is making major waves in the multifamily leasing industry because of its impact on conversion rates and saving time. What really sets our AI leasing assistant apart is its ability to help deliver a great brand experience as well. Not to mention, AI chatbot technology is ideal when it comes to collecting valuable prospect data during the leasing process.


Now more than ever, people want to feel that human connection when searching for their next rental. Your property will become their home and community. With our AI chatbot technology, we use natural language to keep prospects engaged and feel like they are talking to a human and not a robot. The best part is, PERQ collects all the data from the chats and other experiences the prospect clicks through on your website to give the leasing team accurate data for easier follow-up.


The multifamily leasing process can be overly complicated sometimes depending on what tools are in your tech stack. This process is simplified and virtually effortless with the help of our AI assistant. Through the combination of chatbot AI, lead conversion widgets, and automated follow-up, properties receive a complete omnichannel solution that’s not only easy to implement, but there are also no technology or process changes necessary.


Let’s take a deeper look into how an AI leasing assistant can change the way you and your team connect with prospects through the leasing journey for good.

PERQ’s AI Chatbot Solves Industry Challenges

What sets us apart from other AI chatbots is that our solution is an “all-in-one” platform. By combining single-point solutions, the AI leasing assistant platform cohesively addresses all phases of the multifamily leasing journey to increase overall results and deliver a better renting experience. Did we mention it’s much more cost-effective? Here are some distinct industry-related issues our AI chatbot technology will solve:


  • Independent applications create a disconnected and frustrating experience for rental prospects.
  • It’s hard and time-consuming to implement new technology solutions and integrate them into your operation.
  • The effort of trying to integrate or combine multiple independent applications on your own isn’t worth it due to cost and effort.
  • Property management companies don’t have a reliable source of centralized data and performance they can rely on to make their technology or team members perform better.


With an “all-in-one” experience, you can avoid that disconnect and frustration that comes from having a collection of one-off, single point solutions. Prospects can navigate your website a lot easier and have a more positive experience. It also makes it easier for the leasing team since it does take a lot of time to learn and implement a bunch of single point solutions and try to figure out if they are actually worth the time and money.


Our AI leasing assistant takes away the stress of having to implement multiple solutions and takes less time to implement than many other chatbots on the market. By taking less time to learn and implement, our AI assistant can start to work sooner, saving you time and money.


Having centralized data and up to date reporting saves the leasing team hours of work and makes their communication with prospects easier and more informed. Prospects feel the difference when talking to a leasing agent who knows their wants and needs. Creating a positive and helpful experience between the leasing office and prospects is a great start to the leasing process for the prospect. They will feel more comfortable and feel like your team really does care about them. We sometimes forget the emotional aspect of renting, but it is something that leasing teams know is important. Equipping them with prospect insights helps them foster this relationship and touch on the more human aspects of renting.


Our AI leasing assistant is an extension of the leasing team. Think of it as your newest hire except this employee isn’t confined to office hours and can answer prospect questions 24/7 and guide them on your website. It collects all that data and knows when to follow-up and when to pull back on messaging. It is also fitted to your branding and your brand voice so all the messaging it sends out truly feels like it came from your property. Every one sends automated follow-up, but by personalizing it, the AI leasing assistant makes your follow-up stand out in a prospect’s inbox.


We have what it takes to solve these unique problems and more since our AI leasing assistant is not rule-based and is continually learning and improving it’s responses. A chatbot designed to cater to the multifamily property space can make all the difference in your operations and bottom line.

What Our AI Assistant Can Do For You

Our all-in-one AI leasing assistant works as an extended member of your team. You can be confident knowing that with your assistant, you will be receiving the highest quality leads while collecting better data along the way. As an added bonus, our all-in-one solution minimizes the need for single point widgets currently existing on your sites. Say goodbye to one-off chat solutions, lead conversion tools and automated follow-up. Our AI leasing assistant brings that work all in one place, to give properties a complete omni-channel solution that is easy to implement.


If you’re looking to save time, money and create more qualified tours, an AI assistant is a great resource. We offer the best AI chatbot for increasing the probability of traffic turning into tangible leads. With your virtual assistant, expect to work less and convert more. Your assistant is like an intern, but better. It knows how to search through the trash leads and pull out what’s important to you and nurture prospects not quite ready to start their rental journey.



In turn, that will allow you to worry less about constantly managing your website and pay attention to what really matters—connecting with your leads, and more importantly, fostering relationships with existing residents. Our 24/7 virtual assistant simplifies the leasing process and makes it easy to understand what your prospects are looking for by collecting better data. That data allows for better decision making around messaging, amenities and marketing channels because you will easily be able to see what floor plans are important or what renters are looking for in the surrounding community. Knowing that information humanizes the leasing process and in turn, converts more tours and creates long term renters.



Better yet, improving your operational efficiency is a breeze with our specialized solutions. Not only will you be able to collect better overall data, but you can look forward to a 2-4X increase in leads and up to a 50% increase in tours and lead-to-tour conversion. You can also look forward to saving your leasing team 10-12 hours per week with help from our AI virtual assistant.


You’ll love the ability to consolidate your tech stack on one integrated platform and create a better brand experience for your community. Our AI leasing assistant is customizable to fit your brand identity and makes it easy to stay top of mind when nurturing leads. Your colors, logos and language will cohesively come together in all automated follow-up using the assistant.


Additionally the assistant has the capability to grow leases with lead capture on channels outside of your property website, is compatible to support multiple types of tour formats and has strong integrations with other industry software providers to ensure a valuable experience for prospective renters on your onsite teams.


Our natural language chatbot will be the best hire you make and automate the human driven leasing process. Our complete and connected solution creates:


  • A better brand experience
  • Better overall performance results
  • Centralized data and reporting
  • Lower technology costs
  • More effective learning and optimization of AI


Let’s take a deep dive into our different AI Assistants and what each of them can do to support you and your team.

A Look Into Our AI Products

PERQ’s line of products is driven by AI technology that delivers results and gives you a competitive advantage. Each product builds off of the other, meaning that you can say good-bye to having to juggle a lot of single point solutions. Whether you’re trying to save the leasing team time, work more efficiently, have one platform to work with or simply just looking to get more leads in the door, PERQ can help you. Let’s take a look at each product, what they offer, and how they can help you reach your goals.


Website Assistant


An AI virtual assistant can have many positive impacts on your multifamily business, with one major advantage being thorough website monitoring. Our innovative website assistant has the capability to increase conversion of traffic into leads and tours on your property website and even gather detailed prospect info. You’ll be impressed with how much time your team saves as our AI assistant can create dynamic Call To Action’s (CTAs), interactively capture leads, answer common questions, schedule tours, and even handle standard performance and consumer data reporting.

The value of our Website Assistant tool is undeniable. When you’re looking for a competitive advantage over other multifamily communities, an AI assistant can make all the difference. The value of this product can be seen in the following:


  • Highest quality consumer web solution experience in the industry, connecting everything for a seamless experience.
  • Increase visitor-to-lead conversion.
  • Increase visitor-to-tour conversion.
  • Increase website engagement (avg. session duration, avg. pages per session, returning visitor rate, overall engagement rate, etc.)
  • More lead data captured per lead/Higher quality leads.
  • Customizable theme and configurations optimized to fit unique brand and property website design preferences.



If you’re wondering why we’re known for offering the best solutions, it’s because our virtual AI leasing assistant can do everything listed below while competing AI technology can’t:


  • CTA’s/Lead widgets for every stage of the consumer journey.
  • AI-powered engagement prompts/HUB that re-orders icons to personalize the consumers’ experience.
  • Integrated multi-option tour enabled scheduler.
  • Ability to embed virtual or video tour content for capturing more leads.
  • Ability to provide pricing and availability details down to the unit.
  • Ability to connect all CTA’s on the website, preventing prospects from having to re-enter information or see the same offer/CTA they’ve already engaged with.
  • Ability to filter out leads based on lead criteria (conversation readiness,
  • move-in timeframe, leasing agent response required, etc.)
  • Compatible/able to support any type of tour format in the industry.
  • Yelp Integration and RNFM experience prevents visitors from having to leave the site to research Yelp and neighborhood data.


The Website Assistant alone gives you better reporting and increases lead conversion. That’s what makes it a strong base for our other products. Let’s look at some upgrades that you can add to make it even stronger.


Channel Assistant


The AI Channel Assistant makes it so you can capture every lead by capturing leads on channels outside of your property website. This includes other marketing channels like an Internet Listing Service, Facebook, SMS, and more. This AI assistant product builds on top of the Website Assistant and acts as an upgrade, it isn’t a stand alone product. It adds value to your operations in the following ways:


  • Increase conversion of leads on various channels or, in some cases, enable lead capture on a channel where there was no lead capturing mechanism present.
  • Increase website traffic from various channels.
  • Create a better experience for consumers by providing the same persona and engagement format throughout the entire process.
  • Allow a prospect to get immediate answers on channels 24/7.
  • SMS and Web-based compatibility for channel CTA’s.


The Channel Assistant extends your reach beyond your website. It’s no secret that many prospects start their journey on an ILS or through organic searches. Leads coming in from other marketing channels, like an ILS, can get lost through other solutions, meaning that your team is going to miss out on possible leads. It’s important to meet the prospects where they are and lead them back to your website.


Our AI assistant guides prospects back to your website through direct experience links that send them to the exact experience they were looking at on other channels. This makes the journey seamless and smoother for the prospect.


The Channel Assistant isn’t the only upgrade that you can make to your Website Assistant. You can also add our Follow-Up Assistant, along with the Channel Assistant, as an easy way to manage the increased lead volume and have personalized and branded automated nurturing.


Follow-Up Assistant


Our Follow-Up Assistant product frees up your team’s time and efficiently manages higher lead volumes while simultaneously increasing lead-to-tour conversion through the automation of lead follow-up nurturing. Some of this tool’s advanced features include branded property emails, conversation starter text-based e-mails from an agent, and SMS texts from an agent.


You and your team will be able to see all lead details for tours scheduled and any questions our AI leasing assistant couldn’t answer. Lead Link shows all touchpoints, questions, and answers our AI chatbot has with the prospect. This detailed reporting allows your team to be more knowledgeable about individual leads which will then help make the leasing process easier for both agent and prospect. The leasing team can be more prepared for that first conversation and during the tour. They can tailor the tour to highlight the prospect’s needs and wants with the information the Follow-Up Assistant provides.


This product, like the Channel Assistant, builds on top of our Website Assistant tool as an upgrade and can create a 360-degree view of your potential prospects. You don’t have to have the Channel Assistant to add the Follow-Up Assistant, but having both will maximize your reach. With PERQ’s Follow-Up Assistant, you will benefit from the following:


  • Drives more returning website traffic, tours, and conversations.
  • Our follow-up is completely turn-key/powered by AI but is also configurable and customizable.
  • Requires no setup or process change by the existing team.
  • Improves overall lead-to-tour conversion.
  • Saves your team time.


Our Follow-Up Assistant stands out among the competition due to these key factors:


  • Branded and natural language formats.
  • Email and SMS: SMS Texts are a huge differentiator and SMS texting works 8X better than email.
  • The value of one solution that connects the website and follow-up. Due to handling website conversion, we get SMS text opt-ins allowing us to automate this.
  • Criteria-based decisions for which leads stay with the AI assistant and those that need help from the leasing team.
  • Connects the website where we can identify a returning visitor from follow-up communication as an existing lead and personalize their experience by automatically opening the experience referenced in a follow-up message.


The Follow-Up Assistant can be configured to your brand’s voice. This means that all of the messaging, while automated, won’t sound like it’s coming from a robot. It’ll feel more real and is catered to what the prospect was looking for based on the data collected from their time on your website.


With all three AI Assistants, your team will see higher traffic, easily spot qualified leads, and have the details needed to talk to the prospect. Saving time means saving money. Unlike other solutions out there, our AI Assistant delivers results and fulfills all of the promises that are made.

Detailed Reporting from Our Products

Data is a key component to ensuring your assistant and teams perform to the best of their ability. Strong, quality data allows you to offer a more personalized leasing experience for the renter and gives marketing teams the ability to make better decisions with the information they put out.


When you think about it, your performance can only be as good as the data you have available. We suggest you level-up your channel and team performance with PERQ’s advanced reporting. All PERQ product offerings come standard with automated property and lease match back reporting, with additional expert analysis and custom reporting available through our custom quote process.


Having all your multifamily businesses’ most valuable prospect data at your fingertips will open a whole new world of leasing possibilities. This level of insight into your prospective renters will  give you an inside look at what interactions do and do not help drive leads. Here are some other ways our reporting tool can help you out:


  • Increases visibility into the leasing journey for your marketing team, helping them make better decisions
  • Higher quality lead data with 3-5X the data points than an average lead for leasing agents to use when the AI leasing assistant hands-off a lead.
  • Lead data is automatically put into use by the AI assistant, then consistently personalizes the website and follow-up experiences for prospects.
  • All dashboards and reports are automatically set up and delivered without any work required by property or regional managers.


Our Assistant does the work for you by reviewing every lead that enters your CRM. With increased visibility into the leasing journey, your marketing team can gather important data such as which amenities renters care about, how long a prospect stays on the site, or if they interact better with 2D or 3D floor plans.


Additionally, by collecting this information, your leasing teams are equipped to better service the high-quality leads once the AI leasing assistant hands them off, therefore converting more qualified tours. The onsite teams can then nurture the lead more effectively until they are ready to sign the lease with personalized information relevant to that renter.


Knowledge is power and our robust reporting can provide a deep level of insight about your multifamily operations and renter behavior. With our comprehensive products and tools, it’s no wonder so many are jumping on this high-end solution. Here’s how PERQ’s data reporting program outweighs the competition:


  • Integration with Google Analytics that enhances data accuracy and reporting for clear conversion and channel performance.
  • Ability to track consumers’ online activity and conversions to offline tour and lease outcomes for even deeper conversion and channel performance.
  • Ability to extend reporting capabilities through linking Google Ads and Search Console accounts with PERQ Assistant integrated Google Analytics account.
  • Detailed dashboards and up-to-date performance and consumer data that can

be sliced and diced however the PMC desires. You can also export it into other systems.


With PERQ reporting as a key component of the leasing journey you can rest assured that your onsite, marketing, operations and executive teams will be empowered to make the right decisions for your property and prospective renters to succeed.

What Sets Us Apart

At PERQ, we’re all about innovation and growth. Seeing multifamily properties evolve for the better after being introduced to our lineup of products and tools is the reward of a lifetime. Not only do we genuinely care about the outcome and success of our clients, but our competitive advantage ensures you’re getting the very best solutions for your business. We want to make your life easier and support you and your team throughout the leasing process.


MicrosoftTeams image 2 | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

“We love PERQ because you help convert people,” says Jamin Harkness, EVP at The Management Gorup. “With your AI Bot, my favorite part is because we use CRM, when there’s a chat on the AI Bot, all that information goes into our CRM as a guest card. That gives us context of what was asked before we re engage with that prospect again.”


Our AI leasing assistant sets us above and beyond in the industry for a wide range of reasons. No other AI chatbot is capable of initiating initial upfront engagement with a prospect AND lead follow-up activity. It’s not a rule-based bot and it uses natural language for an overall better experience. You’ll not only be able to gain insight from interactive experiences and chat, but you’ll also have the ability to apply our AI assistant to multiple channels. Our tools double conversions and overall user experience compared to other bots. Not to mention, we offer the industry’s most advanced consumer insights and data—allowing teams to make better decisions on marketing, amenities, and messaging.


Interested in an all-in-one, fully supported platform to completely transform your multifamily operations?