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Learn how the PERQ AI Leasing Assistant, including the best multifamily leasing chatbot, combines website conversion, offsite lead capture, and automated followup to provide the most complete artificial intelligence solution in multifamily. 


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Save 12 Hours a Week

Free up your onsite team with a website chatbot to answer routine questions and makes everyone’s life easier. 

PERQ Website Assistant

Double Your Conversion

Bots don’t need sleep. Deploy chatbot software online to give your prospects a helping hand 24/7 while capturing more tours.


Collect Better Prospect Data

Level-up your marketing with regular reporting and data access. Get intel using an AI chatbot for your website.

We love PERQ because you help convert people. With your AI Bot, my favorite part is because we use CRM, when there’s a chat on the AI Bot, all that information goes into our CRM as a guest card. That gives us context of what was asked before we reengage with that prospect again. 

Jamin Harkness

EVP , The Management Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me the cliff notes on what this is and how it works?

PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant software improves operational efficiency and profitability be increasing conversion, saving time and collecting better data in the leasing process. We do this by combining a chatbot, lead conversion widgets, and automated follow-up to give properties a complete omnichannel solution that is easy to implement with no technology or process change.

Why should I "hire" a multifamily leasing chatbot for my website?

The multifamily AI chatbot provides renters an alternative way of receiving assistance in a natural language format than just submitting a form or using a self-service interactive experience. It helps clients by automating the handling of FAQ to save time for your leasing team.


What makes this solution a "better bot" than others out there?

There are a lot of single point disconnected solutions out there handling small portions of the prospect funnel. We offer both chatbot and follow-up bot capability enabled across email, text, and website, as well as other digital marketing channels. This is the core of our solution and what PERQ specializes in as a company, not just an add-on. 

How do I make sure the PERQ's AI Leasing Assistant represents my brand properly?

We not only look like your website through custom branding of colors and names, but we also work closely with your team to ensure PERQ is an expert on your community amenities and floorplans. Natural Language processing in chat allows the bot to understand the intent behind your prospects needs and get them the perfect answer.

Okay, now how do I convince the boss to "hire" a multifamily chatbot?

Start by telling them you have a way to increase revenue and decrease marketing inefficiencies without adding human capital. Once you have their attention, tell them that they can “hire” an AI chatbot to maximize your leasing team’s effectiveness by automating routine questions and lead follow-up activities while leaving leasing agents to handle the more complex lead and resident tasks. It’s a win-win and from what we know, everyone loves to win.