A New Start for a New Hire

By: andersoncreative

photo (7)As a new PERQ hire, I am blown away every single day by the environment in our building. The projects we are developing are going to have a massive impact on our market, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of something so special from my first day.

I’m extremely happy, and the people closest to me are noticing as well.  My mother and close friends have all mentioned that it’s nice to see me personally in a place I haven’t been in a while. This all stems from believing in something bigger than myself and being a part of a team that pushes me to the next level.  For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m in a place where continuous growth is not only encouraged, but the norm.

Where I’ve Been

I am a 27 year old software engineer that started developing for IBM at the age of 21. I built a lot of internal systems for IBM in my six years there.  It was a great experience, but as a developer my real satisfaction comes from impacting other people’s lives through building tools and applications with the best technology available.


Building something that can make my team’s lives easier and our clients’ businesses more successful is the most rewarding feeling I know, and I just didn’t feel like I was getting that anymore. It was time for a change, but I must admit that coming from IBM to a company that is not even the size of one IBM project was a little frightening.


Where I Am

That fear, however, quickly turned to excitement when I realized that I have never been around this level of talent before. I have gone from an environment where no one really cares if you work your hardest to an environment where hard work pays off for both my team and our clients.


In the short time that I have been with PERQ I already recognize that this is the best company I have worked for in my career. I feel truly blessed to be a part of such a talented team and an amazing organization because of the culture and environment that PERQ provides.  The people that we have on our development team are not only intelligent and talented, but they are also great friends. That truly is what makes coming to work every morning so nice.


Where We’re Going

In the near future we will be releasing some products that I’m really excited about. It has been really impressive to see these projects coming together at the end of development. As with the employees, however, development never truly ends at PERQ. As great as these products will be upon release, we will be continually working to refine them based on client feedback.


Our team continues to improve and the future looks brighter every day. I am excited for the future of PERQ and the technology that we are going to produce. Whether you are looking to PERQ as a marketing solution or employer, I think you should be excited as well.