3 Things I Learned as a PERQ Intern

By: Felicia Savage

before_workA few days ago, I began my role as Social Media Marketing Intern at PERQ; and so far, it’s been a truly fruitful experience. Having come from a background in earned media, I feared that I would have some difficulty wrapping my head around key terminology and best practices associated with incentivized promotion.


Quite the contrary! My earned media background actually proved to be quite helpful in understanding PERQ’s process for recommending specific services to certain clients. What I found really astounding, however, was PERQ’s lively work environment and how it propels their employees forward.


Here are 3 things I immediately learned as an intern at PERQ:

Expect the Unexpected

Not even 10 minutes into my first day, Muhammad Yasin (Director of Marketing at PERQ) tells me that I’ll be joining him for a meeting with a prospective client. While the meeting was completely unexpected, it turned out to be really fun – and a great lesson in encountering clients or prospects on a whim.


I quickly learned that at PERQ (or heck, in life) you need to consistently be on your A-game – or at the very least, make a valiant attempt at it. The point is that you never know what sorts of people you’re going to have to encounter. It’s everyone’s job to make the client happy.


Self-Expression & Creativity is Highly Encouraged

There’s absolutely no denying that PERQ is well known for their culture. You’ve all seen the pictures: Ping pong tables, Beer taps (and root beer taps!), TV’s, etc. Is it awesome? Uh, yah. Duh! It’s freakin’ cool.


However, the thing I found most astounding was the resounding feeling of encouragement, positivity and warmth. PERQ is, by no means, a “stuffy office.” The people here are relaxed and very welcoming. Walking over to someone’s desk to show them photos of your pet or throwing a little tennis ball back to Tim Hickle isn’t uncommon.


Another thing that adds to PERQ’s inspiring environment are the vibrant mosaics that encase the walls. To me, they’re very powerful and instill feelings of accomplishment and excitement. One mosaic, for example, consists of a rock band playing to a crowd of adoring fans — completely composed of employee submitted photographs. Call me a sucker for symbolism, but it feels as though the employees are somehow connected to that feeling of adrenaline and success.


In terms of creativity, dry-erase boards and chalkboards give all employees the opportunity to think “outside of the box” and on the fly. If they’ve gotta write something down, they can do it on just about any surface. They can be professional, analytical or silly. Anything goes!


Your “Misc.” Skills Are Useful Here

While it isn’t a necessarily a requirement, wearing many hats (or possessing many skills) is definitely advantageous here. Because PERQ’s incentivized promotions are so diverse, many clients have different expectations of what they want out of their campaign.


Many employees here can and have contributed skills that were outside of their “normal” job description. Blake McCreary may officially be our resident graphic designer, but he’s proven to be quite talented with content promotion. On the flip side, Andy Baumgartner is a sales representative who also podcasts and occasionally assists with PERQ’s content strategy. Although my title is Social Media Marketing Intern, I myself am an animator, a video editor and graphic designer.


To sum it up, I feel very fortunate to be working at a place that wants their employees to succeed as much as they want to. PERQ is a fast paced environment that expects its employees to keep up, but it’s also extremely rewarding.