$25,000 FATWIN Winner to Use Prize Toward New Home

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Kristy Esch Administrator

When Jose M. Hervis Garcia received a call and email from PERQ that he was the FATWIN $25,000 Grand Prize Drawing winner, he didn’t know whether to believe it. “I was going to breakfast and I was confused. At first, I thought it was a joke,” he admits.


Garcia, a broker in Plantation, Florida, began the car buying process and visited multiple dealership websites in 2016. He landed on Sawgrass Ford’s website and engaged with FATWIN Web Engagement’s interactive Trade Appraisal Plus experience.


After entering the details for his Ford Explorer and answering a few questions, Garcia received an estimated trade value for his vehicle. He also checked a box to enter the FATWIN $25,000 Grand Prize Drawing.


PERQ contacted Garcia multiple times and were about to move onto another winner, when they finally reached him by phone. Garcia, who was picked out of 171,599 eligible FATWIN entries, says it took a while for him to realize he had actually won. He visited Sawgrass Ford dealership in Sawgrass, Florida, to verify the sweepstakes was real.

FATWIN Winner Receives $25K Grand Prize

Sawgrass Ford has more than 450 vehicles at their dealership. (Photo by Chantal Lawrie)


It wasn’t until Garcia returned to Sawgrass Ford to pick up the $25,000 FATWIN check on May 22 that he was overwhelmed with excitement. “Basically, at the very last possible moment, it reality hit that I won,” he says. “When they gave me the check, it was like I regained consciousness.”


Rob Baker, Internet Sales Director at Sawgrass Ford, was equally surprised the winner was from their website using PERQ’s FATWIN Web Engagement trade appraisal experience. “You always see those types of sweepstakes, but you never expect it’s going to be you or your customer that is going to be the beneficiary,” Baker says. “It’s a delight that you can put that type of happiness into someone’s life.”


The dealership, which has been family-owned and operated for more than 20 years and has about 450 vehicles on the lot, prides itself on always trying to surpass their customer’s expectations. They’ve been a PERQ customer using the FATWIN software on their site since October 2015.


“It’s a delight that you can put that type of happiness into someone’s life.”

— Rob Baker

“We have Trade Appraisal Plus on our website because it brings in more customers,” says Baker, adding it gives them about 70 unique leads per month on average, and more than 5% of those leads turn into vehicle sales. “It gives online visitors an outlet to get in touch with us and a reason for us to call them back and earn their business. It’s been a good tool for us.”

$25K FATWIN Prize Helps Family

When Garcia picked up the $25,000 FATWIN check at Sawgrass Ford, the reality hit that he had really won. (Photo by Chantal Lawrie)

Baker says the entire team at the dealership was happy to present the large $25,000 FATWIN check to Garcia and his 8-year-old son. “We were very excited to see a customer get a large prize like that,” he says. “When they came in Monday afternoon, there were a lot of smile and jubilation. Up to that point, I don’t think Jose believed it.”


The prize, Garcia says, will be put towards a small house for him and his wife, along with their 8- and 16-year-old sons. “The money helps a lot,” he says. “The kids know that this money is going to improve their lives. We are all very happy. I want to thank PERQ and Sawgrass Ford for this opportunity. The money is great, but primarily it helps our family a lot.”