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My thoughts as I watch two more cable giants merge

My thoughts as I watch two more cable giants merge

Another week has passed, and you may have missed what happened. Luckily, we rounded up all of the happenings in the marketing tech world.

New in Web

Here’s what you need to know about in the world of the Web.

The merger between Comcast and Time Warner means that they may start trying to control the content of the Internet that runs on their fiber optic cable.

New in Mobile

Technology in the mobile market keeps evolving. Here’s what you need to know.

By the beginning February 2014, StackMob was totally absorbed into PayPal’s arsenal of developer tools, and Dan Rowinski’s article looks to the future of mobile cloud services.

Ever want to mirror what is on your Android smartphone or tablet to your TV screen through Chromecast? Well, you might not have to wait much longer.

New in Social

If you haven’t been paying attention to the social media news, here are a few articles you need to read.

In December, Facebook announced that they were testing auto-playing video ads that will show up in users’ news feeds. The plans to implement these auto-playing video ads has been delayed due to the negative response from users, the high cost of the ads, and the additional testing that Facebook wants to do.

Now you don’t have to be pigeonholed into only a few different gender options on Facebook. The company made the announcement that they want users “to feel comfortable being your true, authentic self.” The 56 options that are offered include male, female, asexual, androgynous, transgender, genderqueer, and fifty more.

Twitter is working on a major redesign. In the future, your tweets could look a lot like your status updates. Dave Smith’s article gives you a closer look at the way the two top social sites keep stealing from each other.