Guest Post: Social Media Tips For Your Dealership

By: Lachezar Stamatov

twitter-292994_640Today’s post is a guest post from Lachezar Stamatov. Lachezar is a contributor for Lance Surety Bonds blog. He is an expert in the field of surety bonds and licensing. He is following closely the dynamics of the industry and has written numerous articles on the topic.

Owning or managing an auto dealership nowadays is no easy task. Staying competitive in this industry, which constantly seeks innovation, takes effort. You need to always keep up with the trends. You need to conduct your business in an ethical manner. You need to be able to offer your clients all the right car models, but most importantly, you need to put your name on the map and turn it into a well-known brand. How to do it, you may ask? A strong social media outreach should do the trick!

Marketing your product or service the right way has always been important but now, thanks to social media, it has become much easier. A couple of decades ago, businesses used to market their products through advertising channels such as billboards, newspaper ads, posters, radio, TV ads and many more. Obviously, this type of advertising still exists and it still works, but one shortcoming it has, compared to social media advertising, is that it does not provide business owners with any concrete measurable data. For example, if you pay for a newspaper ad, how many new customers did it bring in? You have no absolute way of knowing.

However, with social media you can get a better grasp on the exposure of your brand.  A simple Facebook ad can give you statistical data, such as click-through rates, number of visits, number of conversions, etc. Having that type of information in your hands is invaluable. You can analyze what your target audience likes, ways to make your product or service better, and also discover ways to reach more clients and maximize your sales.

As an auto dealer, having a strong social media marketing presence can be the key to your success, as it forges that special two-way relationship with your customers. It can help you address customer needs and concerns quicker, in order to create that brand loyalty you are looking for. Here are some tips on how you can make social media work for you!

Choose Which Social Media Channels Are Right For You

Prioritize your marketing spend around the customers that are in or near-market (Facebook speak for “Ready to Buy”) in your area.

Your goal is to attract clients who are interested in the industry or who are prospective buyers. Know your customer and you will know which social media outlet to use.

If, for example, you are an auto dealer who sells only luxury cars, you may not want to target teenagers on Instagram. Target the niches where your target demographic spends their time.

Once you narrow that down, handle your professional social media accounts only having your target audience’s preferences in mind. Do not handle them like they are your own personal profiles. Make sure that your focus is on what those people would find interesting, not just what you find interesting!

Photo Credit: Jason Howie

Photo Credit: Jason Howie

Twitter Tips

Hashtags help social media users find your content

Hashtag! Hashtag frequently! If you are new to Twitter, a hashtag means putting a # in front of a word, tagline or a short phrase. This makes your post traceable. When you hashtag, clients who are looking for that topic or similar content can click back to your profile, giving you more exposure.

If you have a special event, promotion or a new model in stock, make sure you use a hashtag. This is a great way to popularize your Twitter page. Use hashtags in other social media networks, too. Twitter started the hashtag craze, but now Facebook and Instagram have also adopted it.

Also, do not start your tweets with usernames. It is a common mistake and if you do that it means that only the sender, the person mentioned and anyone who follows them both will see it. If you have no way around it, put a full stop in front of the username. This way you will not narrow down your target audience.

Facebook Tips

 If you have chosen to market your auto dealership via Facebook, it is very important to keep track of their ever changing promotional guidelines.

According to the most recent changes you can now run promotions on your Timeline or by using a third-party application. You can also run promotions on your Page’s Timeline and require a Comment or Like on your post for entry. It is not forbidden anymore to use Likes and Comments for measurements in competitions you start. You can now freely promote your competitions and fan pages, but you still cannot ask people to enter by sharing your post on their own Timeline.

Another good Facebook tip is to put a full address on your Home Page. This way users can “check in.” They can share with their Facebook friends that they have been at your car dealership and raise the awareness among their peers.

YouTube Tips

Create one YouTube channel and commit to it

If your social media platform of choice is YouTube, then good advice to follow is – don’t create numerous channels. Create one YouTube channel, put your brand name and logo on it and start consistently uploading new videos. The auto industry is a very visual one. It should be easy  to find materials your audience would find interesting.

Creating a single YouTube channel and committing to it will help you get an audience which is brand loyal to you. By having an official channel, you will be showing them that you are a valuable contributor to the platform and its users.

If you have a lot of media material to offer and want to diversify, then just use other video engines, like Metacafe or Vimeo.

Have another great social media tip? Drop a comment below.