Driving Results with a Shared Coupon Mailer

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A shared coupon mailer is a great way to start dipping into direct mail, particularly if you’ve never done any mailers before. With a shared coupon mailer, your advertisers get everything they need for a very low price per piece.

Why a Shared Coupon Mailer?

Direct mail gets you results. It provides a way to reach customers that can be just as effective, if not more, than most other forms of marketing. If you have the right piece and find the right direct mail vendor, you’re in a position to see some great ROI.
According to the DMA, 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately. With numbers like that, there’s no reason why your clients wouldn’t want to spend their advertising dollars on this marketing channel. The relatively low cost of shared mail is another alluring quality. Although there are many different forms of direct mail – including single sale postcards, shared mailers, magazines, etc. – all of which are very much advocated by PERQ – coupon mailers tend to be very effective.  If you’re nervous about getting into mail for the first time, PERQ’s shared coupon mailer is one of the best ways to start.

Shared coupon mailers are one of the best ways to recapture lost or unseen advertising dollars. With shared coupon mailers you get the following:

  • 18 perforated coupon spots for advertisers.
  • One premium front & back cover spot.
  • Four different panels that unfold into a 7” x 25.5” page.

Implementing a Shared Coupon Mailer

So you want to start, but you’re not sure how? Here are a few ways we’ve seen clients sell more advertising and generate great revenue with their shared coupon programs throughout the year.

Community Mailers

Sometimes your target audience will be a certain neighborhood or area.  We recommend this product use a saturation list, and you can target by specific geography to hit the areas that will be most effective for the advertisers who are participating in this project.  This allows you to target specific advertisers for the coupon spots, and, if you are successful, you should be able to see repeat business throughout the year.

General Themed Mailers

Using a theme is also a great concept for this mailer.  Be it “Bridal”, “Back to School”, “Black Friday”, or simply a “Summer Lovin’” idea, the coupon mailer can be designed to fit the theme by including the businesses and offers that tie into your overarching model.

Holiday-Themed Mailers

Holidays can be one of the best times for shared coupon mailers. Businesses are always looking for ways to promote themselves during the holidays because of in-store and online sales, and the general increase in consumer spending during those times of the year only increase the ROI that your businesses will feel from this campaign.

Shared Coupon Mailers on Sale

For the month of April, shared coupon mailers are on sale. For pricing information, or any other questions about shared coupon mailers or direct mail, click here.