Why Choose PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant?

Our platform is the only cohesive multifamily technology solution for short and long term nurturing of pipeline management. Fill out the form to schedule a demo with one of our PERQ Multifamily Specialists today. 

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  • Extend Your Marketing Reach
  • Save 12 Hours a Week
  • Double Your Conversion

Which one is the Better Bot? Let’s Compare Apples to Oranges

PERQ is far more than just an add-on multifamily chatbot widget — this is an entire AI Leasing Assistant solution ready to go to work for your team. We offer chatbot and follow-up bot capability enabled across email, text, websites and all of your offsite marketing channels. 


PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Property Website Bot

Chatbot for Frequent Questions

Bot Can Understand Natural Language

Multi-Option Tour Scheduler

Offsite Bot

Offsite Chatbot Links (ILS, Social Media, Etc.)

Natural Language Text Messaging

Link on Google Search

Automated Follow-up

Natural Language Text Messaging

Natural Language Email Conversations

Branded Email Nurture Cadences

 The Easiest & Smartest AI Leasing Assistant to simplify your tech stack

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Save 12 Hours a Week

Work smarter not harder. Own your work day by automating lead nurture with personalized and branded follow-up.

Double Your Conversion

Unlike us, bots don’t need a nap in the late afternoon. The AI Leasing Assistant software takes care of prospect needs 24/7 while capturing more tours.
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Extend Your Reach

Automatically guide prospects to PERQ experiences on your website by enabling interactive lead capture from every marketing channel.

Why Natural Language chatBots Are Better than Rule-Based

Natural language chatbots get to the point faster. Talking to a property shouldn’t feel like you’re taking a frustrating multiple choice test. 

Let’s be real, Rule-Based chatbots just aren’t very smart. Rule-based bots work by asking prospects to answer a list of pre-programmed prompts. It can’t learn and improve its responses based on what prospects are actually trying to ask in the way that natural language bots can.

Why be rigid when you can have a smarter, easier to use bot working for you instead? 

What are clients saying about pERQ?

PERQ has saved us a lot time especially because those leads have the details of what specials we’re offering, when they want to move, what style of apartment they’re looking for…it saves us a lot of time so we don’t have to figure out everything on our own because they’ve already submitted all the details.PERQ makes it easier for us and speeds the process up.

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