First Week on the Job


It has been a whole week since I started working at PERQ as the new Content Manager. An entire week filled with back to back meetings learning the ins and outs of the marketing team, editing and writing, endless iced coffee and lots of laughs. In the the last few months while job searching I was constantly told “you never like your first job.” I can proudly say that I not only love my job, but I am very happy to be here. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to have that.


How can I say love something when it’s only week one? For starters, as Content Manager, I’m in charge of PERQ’s social media channels and writing/editing blog posts and articles. Being in charge of a company’s social media may not sound all that exciting, but I get to add a more human and creative touch to their online presence. Not a lot of businesses want that for their socials. Secondly, the PERQ Marketing team uses agile marketing to structure how they work. All week, I’ve seen how this strategy not only delivers value, it creates a team that works effectively while leaving room for flexibility.


The company culture is probably my favorite thing about PERQ. It’s clear that PERQ is invested in creating a space for employees to collaborate creatively and values our own well being. Even though everything is remote, every morning the team touches base. At the end of every week we go over what went well and what could go better. Every interaction still feels very human even though it’s virtual. Every person on this team has been so welcoming, I already feel at home.


It has been a whole week since I began my role as Content Manager. I may be new but I already feel like a part of the team. I am so excited to be able to grow both professionally and personally here.