PERQ Is Betting Big on This Year’s Big Game

1 min read

Every year, over 100 million people watch the big football game. It is the single most bet-on sporting event in the United States, so this year, PERQ decided to get in on the action.

As you may know, we love running cool promotions for auto dealerships, and what could be cooler than a Big Game themed promotion? Giving away cars.

This January, we’re offering a promotion to auto dealerships called “The Big Game Buyout.” If either team gets shut out during this year’s Big Game, we will help your dealership give away a car – or $25,000. How does that sound?

The giveaway is a simple drawing. Everyone who enters your dealership during the promotion will be given one entry into your drawing (no purchase necessary!). When you sell a car, your buyer receives 100 entries. If either team is held to zero points during the game, each dealership will draw one lucky winner who will receive $25,000. This is a great opportunity for you as a dealer to create buzz and excitement in your local community!

As a bonus for our dealers, we’ve also created a cool new theme to help incorporate the excitement of the playoffs into all of your marketing. This promotion is bound to bring a ton of excitement to dealerships and give your customers something big to cheer for!

Click here for more information on the Big Game Buyout or to get your dealership registered.