Multi-Option Tour Scheduling


Multi-Option Tour Scheduling Transcription 

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I wholeheartedly agree with everything that Kelly has shared. Our experience agreed, since March we have, in warp speed, innovated like no other time before and it’s been out of necessity, and to Kelly’s point, where she mentioned that our industry was a little behind. I think we’ve progressively caught up over the last five years, in terms of technology solutions. This year, 2020, has been a game-changer for our industry. I would say that, in terms of the touring options, that is hands down the biggest change this year. I think that we’re doubling down, as we should.

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Our customers are expecting more than just a visual experience. When you go to websites, or when you engage with a brand via social media, it used to be more informative. It was a one-way conversation. Now, each of those elements are truly engaging, and it’s two-way. Now, there is an expectation to be able to have the convenience, the diverse touring option, to tour virtually from the comforts of your living room with your slippers, or, honestly, on your own time. Self-guided tours really…our industry mentioned it. I remember a few years ago, at an industry conference, it just started splashing. This year, it is universally adopted.

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I’m trying to think of other industries. Could you imagine if you could self shop on your own in Target? Just book your tour, and you walk in on your own, and you can go do what you need to do, even sometimes off-hours. That is remarkable.

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Sounds glorious.

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To where our industry is actually, we are even now leading that front, to where some of those other areas are not able to offer those solutions. For us, the self-guided touring, the virtual tours, the now recorded video tours, the whole touring experience has become so much more customized, and so much more diverse, to meet our diverse renters’ preferences. That’s the biggest change for us this year in terms of technology.