How to Generate New Sales Leads in 2017

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Russ Chandler Administrator

The new year has traditionally represented a fresh start. After all, it is the primary reason why gym memberships are the highest in the month of January. For auto dealerships, of course, the new year is also the best time to try out new marketing strategies. Not only is it a great way to give your dealership a fresh start, but it gives your dealership enough time to make mistakes and learn from them.


Going forward into the new year, there are lots of new things you can try out that have helped dealerships succeed in the past. If you wanna learn how to generate new sales leads in 2017, try out some of these tactics here:

Make Ads More Relevant

Visitors to your website are a captive audience – you can show them all sorts of ads while they’re there. But instead of offering up large, generalized ads and static deals, you might want to consider the power of small, targeted ads. Often, when shoppers visit dealership websites, they all see the same deal – for example, “$1,000 cash back on new car purchases.”


According to Digital Dealer, you should avoid showing shoppers the best possible deal the first time they visit your site. When you use behavioral tracking software, you can configure offers to increase each time a visitor returns to your website, starting with a modest discount and progressing to the best available offer.


Tracking software can also show visitors smaller ads more relevant to their interests. If they’ve looked at a specific type or brand of vehicle, for example, you could show them a small offer that requires them to provide an email address to view the discount. And with that email address, you have a qualified sales lead.

Improve the Mobile Experience

Mobile devices let shoppers compare prices from anywhere, and that’s what car shoppers often do. According to a Insights study from January 2014, 25 percent of the people using their smartphones in 2014 while at a car lot were comparing prices at competing dealers, and 22 percent were looking for vehicles at other dealerships.


Your website should be mobile-friendly so that you can pick up new leads when nearby shoppers are looking for a better deal or more vehicle options. A mobile-friendly website consists of responsive designs that are easily viewable on different size devices, as well as appropriately sized fonts and buttons that fit neatly on the page.

Use Better Tools

You may already have a tool on your website that lets people calculate the trade-in value for their current vehicle. But some of those tools focus more on vehicles than the shoppers browsing your website.


Ideally, you want a trade-in tool that helps you understand where the customer is in their buying journey. Just looking? Thinking about buying in the next month? Ready to buy now? That kind of information is invaluable in helping you focus your marketing efforts.

Cultivate Leads Over Time

Shoppers in the early stages of the buying journey aren’t interested in time-sensitive offers or multiple phone calls from salespeople. A better approach for this segment is to offer an email newsletter.


The best car dealership newsletters highlight facts and figures that consumers might want to know about, such as new vehicle features and safety ratings.


When you’re able to capture an email address via your newsletter sign-up, you can begin building your reputation as reliable and informative – both qualities that can help you convert a subscriber into a buyer, at some point in the future.