How to Buy Dealership Software You’ll Actually Use

By: Russ Chandler

[vc_row css_animation=”” row_type=”row” use_row_as_full_screen_section=”no” type=”full_width” angled_section=”no” text_align=”left” background_image_as_pattern=”without_pattern”][vc_column][vc_column_text]With consumers researching and purchasing just about everything online — even automobiles, businesses with any type of online presence are investing in marketing automation to get their share of sales. Dealership software that has automation has been hailed as the essential component of any digital marketing strategy.


Still, does it really work? It depends. According to a study published by Ascend2, 18 percent of respondents with marketing automation said they used it extensively. Another 43 percent only made limited use of the automation. Worse yet, a whopping 39 percent didn’t use their marketing automation software at all after purchasing it.


dealership software

There’s no denying the power of marketing automation. Big companies like have done a masterful job of showing how it works — delivering customized experiences that draws upon data gleaned from each customer’s browsing and shopping habits.


dealership softwareEven if you don’t have an Amazon-sized budget, you can get auto dealership software you will actually use — especially if it’s effective at bringing in more customers.


However, choosing the right auto dealership software requires that you do your own research to choose the solution that you’ll actually use.


Here are 6 key considerations for your search:





Understand the Importance of Marketing Automation


online car buying processNow that the automotive industry is undergoing radical changes, it’s important to be aggressive about remaining competitive. Let this sink in: Car buyers are completing most of their buying process online — and visiting only 1.4 dealerships before purchasing. That’s down from 4.5 auto dealership visits just 10 years ago, according to a study by J.D. Power.



Without the right mindset about the importance of purchasing auto dealership software, your team won’t invest the time to ensure you find the right fit. And marketing automation is highly effective at boosting ROI — when you choose the right software and use it.



Determine your Goals When Buying Dealership Software


Too often auto dealerships will settle on a dealership software product without really defining the results they’d like to see. Without setting those expectations, it’s difficult to properly shop around for a product that will be an ideal fit.


Ask the Right Questions

user-friendly auto dealership softwareIt may take time, but the importance of developing a list of questions about your automotive dealer software options can’t be underestimated. Be specific about exploring what each one offers. Ask about the typical customer experience, including the time it takes to see results. Concrete data, as well as personal testimonials, should be part of that research.

Software that’s user-friendly but doesn’t show great ROI won’t cut it. On the other hand, software that show results for some customers but requires extensive training may end up being a purchase that just gathers dust


Ask for a Demo of the Software


Once again, this step is critical. If your team is not comfortable using the auto dealership software, chances are you will be among the 39 percent of businesses that will let the investment go to waste. The software should be user friendly — and highly effective, encouraging you to keep using it.


Analyze your Results


dealership software - image 4There’s nothing like seeing results to provide the incentive you need to keep using your dealership software.


When your software is operating as a powerful car lead generation tool, you’ll have no reason to abandon ship. Commit to analyzing results.



Check Customer Service

Even if the dealership software seems like an ideal fit, make sure you’re comfortable with the level of customer service you will receive. There may be bumps along the way. You want a team that you can rely on to help you stay the course.