Increase apartment rental close rate with Multifamily’s Only Full Funnel AI Leasing Assistant

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Built to Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and Onsite Teams.

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Increase Lead Conversion

Interactive experiences engage prospects at all stages of the rental journey – 24/7. Our full-funnel approach doubles website conversion and makes it possible to get more for every marketing dollar spent driving traffic to your website and marketing channels, such as ILS and review sites.

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One Connected Solution

PERQ provides the highest quality consumer experience in the industry by connecting everything from a prospect’s initial engagement to lead capture and follow-up in one platform. By combining single-point solutions, PERQ offers cohesive reporting and helps increase apartment rental close rate all in a singular, on-demand location.

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Schedule more tours

Increase lead-to-tour conversion by 40% and make scheduling easy for both the prospect and your team with PERQ’s industry-leading tour scheduler.

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A better brand experience

PERQ Bot is a true extension of your team. We make it easy to customize your AI Leasing Assistant to fit your brand colors, fit in on your website, and speak in your brand voice.

Marketing teams and PERQ: a match made to win

The reviews are in. Together, Marketing Teams backed by PERQ convert more leads and have access to better prospect insights all in one platform.

“When I see an appointment come through with PERQ attached to it, I know for a fact that it has a higher likelihood of converting into a lease.”

Dalia Kalgreen

Director of Marketing, Unified Residential Management

“PERQ has supported The Fitzgerald team by making the apartment search process so much easier for prospects and our team. PERQ gets down to the exact floor plan that will interest a prospect, which makes it easy for them, while also making it easy for us to create that sense of home and sanctuary from the very first call.”

The Fitzgerald at UB Midtown

“Before, we didn’t know what information to feed [prospects] through email. With the intelligence we’re now gathering on the website it’s a game-changer.” 

Heidi Jehlicka

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Employee Development

Signature Management increased lead to tour conversion while reducing work for their onsite teams.

PERQ’s Website Assistant improves your multifamily property website’s operational performance by keeping visitors on your site for longer and increasing lead to tour conversion without needing to take time out of the leasing team’s day.


PERQ’s support for our team starts with enhancing the experience prospects have when they visit our website. Whether a potential resident is looking to move this week or later this year, PERQ helps them easily find the information they’re looking for,” says Sarah Roberts, Marketing Director at Signature Management.


The leasing team can feel overwhelmed having to juggle multiple different platforms, but with PERQ, everything is streamlined onto one place, making it easier for the leasing team to get that last signature on the lease.

Favorite Feature:

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Website Assistant

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Frequently Asked Marketing Team Questions

What makes PERQ better than simply using the add-on solutions offered by our website provider, PMS, or CRM?

PERQ delivers on the promises we make. By combining single-point solutions, the AI Leasing Assistant addresses all phases of the leasing journey to increase overall results and deliver a better renting experience that’s much more cost-effective to your property. We provide the highest-quality consumer experience in the multifamily industry by connecting everything from a prospect’s initial engagement to lead capture and follow-up in an all-in-one solution to increase apartment rental close rate.

What's the impact of PERQ AI Leasing Assistant on my website?

Increase apartment rental close rate. The PERQ AI Leasing Assistant makes visitors stay on your website longer by engaging them with experiences for rental prospects in all stages of their journey – researching, comparing and narrowing, to ready to tour and lease. And, it doesn’t impact your current website load time. It’s a win-win really.

How do I make sure PERQ represents my brand correctly?

We not only look like your website by mimicking your brand colors and names, but we also work closely with your team to ensure PERQ is an expert on your community amenities and floorplans.

Also, Natural Language processing in chat means the PERQ AI chatbot is getting smarter every day and learns to understand the intent behind your prospects’ needs to get them the perfect answer every time. Meaning no embarrassing convos between your prospects and your Bot!

Do I have control over the messages my prospects receive?

Absolutely, the AI Leasing Assistant is set up to drive the highest lead to lease conversion and always takes into account previous engagement and website activity. It will be both on-brand and set up to perform best.

How does PERQ make my life easier?

Four words, “operational efficiency and profitability.”

You’ll improve operational efficiency and increase apartment rental close rate by hiring the PERQ AI Leasing Assistant to automate routine questions and lead follow-up activities, which will increase the lead to lease conversion rate while maximizing your team’s effectiveness. All while increasing the return on your marketing dollars by getting more qualified leads that result in more tours and leases out of your existing website traffic. Bosses love saving time and money and you’ll show them exactly how to do it. Cheers to you!

How will I know if the AI Leasing Assistant is working?

You’ll know it’s working when your onsite team is raving about the leads in their queue!
In addition to lead quality improvement, the PERQ portal gives your team easy access to see performance data – anytime, anywhere. Quickly narrow in on one specific property or view a roll-up of your performance across your entire portfolio. Optional email reports sent monthly or weekly will keep you in the loop about exactly what’s happening at each property and we do regular business reviews to touch base.

Don’t see your question answered? Not sure if this is right for you? Let’s chat it out and see if PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant is a good fit.

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