Generate New Car Sales Leads with the Power of Guided Experiences


Your automotive website was built to be a selling machine. And maybe it was at one time. With competition in the marketplace intensifying, the experiences you deliver on your website could be producing less-than-stellar results… and less car sales leads.


Since consumer habits are changing, you must keep up. According to a report by Hubspot, people spend more time actually consuming (not just skimming) videos, social media posts, research content, and interactive tools moreso than blogs and long-form content.

Using interactive content to generate more car sales leadsThat’s why it’s important to consider the benefits of interactive content as you upgrade your marketing solutions to generate new car sales leads. By replacing static content with interactive content on your website, you could see it become 94 percent more effective at converting traffic, according to the Demand Metric Customer & Buyer Journey Benchmark Report.


Interactive content, which can include everything from quizzes to trade-in appraisal tools are designed to make the user’s experience on your automotive website much more engaging. And, that’s where you’re able to get the data you need to create even more content tailored to your users’ interests.


Feldmann Imports Generates 280% More Car Sales Leads

When Feldmann Imports, a Minnesota-based car dealer, switched to the our trade appraisal tool, it saw significant results within a month. The company, which has been selling both used and new cars for more than 30 years, saw a 280 percent increase in monthly car sales leads captured within 30 days after switching to PERQ’s trade solution. It went from 17 leads captured in a month to 47 leads in a month. Of those, 63 percent responded that they were “ready to buy now.”


Here’s what Dave Anderson, Feldmann’s internet manager had to say about the results:

“We were utilizing the Purecars trade-in tool because it was already included in our solution, but we were receiving less than satisfactory results with only 17 leads per month — at a 4 percent lead-to-sale conversion.”

Then, when the dealership switched over to our trade solution, two important metrics soared.

“I’m happy to report that in our first month, we received well over two times the leads and lead-to-sale conversion.”

The Interactive Difference

It’s not just automotive dealerships that are seeing results with interactive content. In more general studies about the impact of interactive content, numerous marketing-related studies have produced similar results, pointing to the future of reaching consumers in the digital world. The studies revealed the following:


  • Interactive content is 6 times more effective at educating the users who land on your site, according to Demand Metric Customer & Buyer Journey Benchmark Report.
  • Consumers are able to retain 60 percent of what they experience via interactive content, significantly higher than the retention rate with static content, a report by Kuno Creative shows.
  • Interactive content will increase the likelihood that users will spend more time on your site, which is three times longer as they would with a website with static content, according to Hubspot.


Using interactive content can shake things up on your website — from providing consumers with the information they’re looking for without the hassle to providing you with the data that allows you deliver the right emails to their inbox.


We’ve already helped our clients generate more than 2 million leads. Schedule a demo of PERQ’s automotive solution now.