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PERQ’s Software Increases Leads from Property Websites

Since 1947, the Gene B. Glick company has been a leader in multifamily housing development and management. One of the largest privately held real estate management groups in the U.S to date, Glick currently has more than 20,000 units in 13 states.


For the past decade, the marketing team at the Gene B. Glick company leveraged a number of different digital marketing tactics in order to stay ahead of the curve and capture the interest of prospective renters. As their marketing strategy continued to evolve, their curiosity piqued as new and innovative technologies and digital tools came to the forefront.


Any digital tools that could even possibly enhance their leasing agents’ abilities to provide a better guest experience they found to be were worth trying — and that’s where PERQ’s online guided shopping solution came to play.

Quality Leads from PERQ

One thing Jenny Richard, Director of Marketing, always wanted from a lead capture tool was the ability to learn more about their prospective residents: needs, preferences, budget, etc. The reason for this was so they could develop far more engaging relationships with prospects, in order to provide them with a better customer experience.


With PERQ’s software solution, Jenny was able to do just that. By integrating a variety of different interactive experiences onto their property websites, prospective residents are able to easily acquire the information they need.


For example: Unlike many other property websites, prospective residents would be able to visit a Glick property website and have the option of going through an assessment that provides them with a specific floor plan in mind just for them.


Once they were provided with different floor plan suggestions, many prospective residents are then typically ready to see the properties for themselves. When ready, prospective residents go through a “Tour Scheduler” experience to make that happen.


Each and every experience on the property’s website is completely reciprocal. In order for a prospect to get the information they requested, they’ll need to submit relevant information in order for the website to provide a solution. Those answers are what Jenny can use to better serve them going forward.

PERQ’s Website Conversion Software a Success

Following the implementation of PERQ’s online guided shopping solution, Jenny noticed a change almost immediately. Glick’s properties were beginning to see far more engagement than before.


Prospective residents were regularly going through more than one experience (on a property website); with many flocking towards the “pre-screen” feature to see if they were eligible for residency. Ultimately, the implementation of PERQ’s leasing solution lead to more leads, an increase in the number of appointments made and an increase in the number of signed leases.


Over the course of 90 days, Glick saw a 159% average lift in monthly lead conversion (across 20 properties) and captured a total of 3,430 unique leads. In addition to seeing an increase in overall lead generation, Glick properties also scheduled 501 tours on their properties and captured 602 qualified renters.

“We have seen a higher level of leads and an increase in number of appointments set by prospective residents through this tool.”

Jenny Richard, Director of Marketing

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